Jenelle Evans Argues With Nathan Griffith, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Fling Insults During Reunion Special

Jenelle Evans is going to face Nathan Griffith during the Teen Mom 2 reunion next Monday night. The entire season has been about the two battling over Kaiser, their toddler son. Evans has been raising him on her own with the help of her live-in boyfriend, David Eason. Griffith had gone months without seeing his son and is finally getting around to fighting for custody.

Since the season is taped several weeks and even months before it airs, the situation has since changed between the two. The Teen Mom 2 reunion was taped just a few weeks ago and will be the most recent update between Evans and Griffith.

It seems that Jenelle Evans has a lot of pent up anger she is ready to take out on Nathan Griffith. She had been trying to set up visitation with him for Kaiser through David Eason, but Griffith would never give up his location. Evans insisted she couldn’t trust him to return her son, so she was not allowing him to go without an address that he would be staying at.

According to Starcasm, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are going toe to toe during the reunion. Things will be vicious, with Griffith taking jabs at Evans’ weight. The dysfunctional relationship between the two is nothing short of entertaining, but fans worry about the fact they are raising a child together. During the taping, the two were going through a custody battle regarding Kaiser and only recently were things worked out.

The custody situation between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith has been handled, but it wasn’t easy. There were issues with Evans making important dates due to her medical ailments, so things went on a bit longer than anticipated.

It was recently decided that Evans would be the primary custodial parent with Griffith getting visitation for every other weekend. He was also ordered to pay Evans child support, including back payment since she filed the paperwork for support. The judge ordered it to be in the amount of $311 a month, with an extra $50 toward the back payment. Griffith asked the judge to reduce the payment to $100 a month, but that was not acceptable. With the amount of money Griffith is making from appearing on Teen Mom 2, the amount should not be an issue.

Another season of Teen Mom 2 is being taped, and there will be some follow-up to what has been happening with Jenelle Evans. Since pregnancy rumors have been following her around and she is battling with her mother for custody of her oldest child, there is still plenty of stories to be told. Nathan Griffith is likely going to remain on the show as well.

Fans are looking forward to seeing how this will play out with the new custody agreement. The confrontation between the two will be airing next week on the reunion show. It is going to be chaotic between these two at best, which will make for good reality television.

A lot has changed for Jenelle Evans since she joined Teen Mom 2 in 2010. From several men in her life to her extensive criminal record, there have been plenty of changes over the last six years. Currently, she is working on bettering her life, even if it is slowly.

Several fans have criticized Evans for every decision she has made over the years, but she has kept moving forward. Her relationship with David Eason has been the least tumultuous of the bunch she has had since being on Teen Mom 2, and an engagement is expected sometime in the near future. Jenelle Evans is going to have a showdown with Nathan Griffith next week, and you won’t want to miss it!

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]