Jenelle Evans Wins Custody Battle Against Nathan Griffith, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star To Get Child Support

Jenelle Evans just settled Kaiser’s custody battle with Nathan Griffith. This has been talked about for quite some time, especially since the two split last fall, and the break up was anything but amicable. Evans has been accused of withholding Kaiser from Griffith out of spite. While that may have been the case initially, things came up that kept her from allowing visitation to occur. Evans’ boyfriend, David Eason stepped up and helped to raise Kaiser because Griffith was not in the picture, which was a hard pill for Jenelle to swallow. Now that custody has been arranged, it seems things may calm down between the once-engaged pair.

This was an easy custody battle for Jenelle Evans. She was planning to fight hard either way, but the judge pretty much ruled on what she was asking for in terms of custody and child support. According to Starcasm, Jenelle Evans will remain the custodial parent for Kaiser. Nathan Griffith will be able to see him every other weekend, and was ordered to pay $311 a month in child support.

Since Evans filed paperwork for child support a few months ago, Griffith was also ordered to pay $50 extra a month to make up for the money he didn’t pay for those months. This was not something he agreed with and Griffith reportedly asked the judge to allow him to only pay $100 a month in child support. That was denied, and Evans will receive the full amount plus the pay from the date she filed.

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There was some anticipation that the custody battle between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith would be messy. Their break-up was not clean, and the drama followed these two for months. In fact, Evans caught a charge for domestic violence when she threw a glass at Griffith’s girlfriend when he brought her with him to Evans’ house. She was worried that the charge would cost her everything and tried to work out a deal with Griffith for visitation with Kaiser if the charges were dropped. As it turns out, a jury found Evans not guilty in the case so she no longer has to worry about carrying the violent conviction around on her already extensive record.

While this one may have been a slam dunk for Jenelle Evans, she is still battling her mom, Barbara Evans for custody of her oldest son, Jace. This is one that could potentially cost her everything, including visitation with her son.

Since Kaiser was left in Evans’ care, the judge ruled her as the custodial parent since there were no issues or allegations of abuse or neglect. The situation with Jace is much more complicated. The comments he makes on Teen Mom 2 and the things he tells his grandma about his mother have some fans upset. It seems he feels left out when he is with Evans and has made claims that all she does is sleep. While that is clearly not true, it does raise some red flags.

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The next several months are going to be crucial for Jenelle Evans in regards to her custody battle for Jace. Since she won with Kaiser against Nathan Griffith, that will help her, but it will not save her.

Since Teen Mom 2 is taped way before it airs, a lot of the issues fans are watching now have been resolved. It seems Evans and Barbara may have repaired their relationship. It looks like they have been spending time together as a family, including David Eason in the mix.

While it isn’t all sunshine and roses, Jenelle Evans has been attempting to get her life back in order despite everything that has been thrown her way over the last year or two.

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