Kate Middleton Extreme Dieting ‘Causing Problems With Third Pregnancy’ — Prince William Deeply Concerned?

Kate Middleton’s alleged extreme dieting could potentially interfere with her chances to welcome another baby to the world, according to a new report.

Celeb Dirty Laundry alleges that Kate’s low-calorie diet is causing all kinds of problems in her household, particularly for the fact that Prince William is desperate to extend his family with the addition of another baby, but Kate’s health is bound to cause a huge problem in order to make that happen.

Kate reportedly follows an eating plan, one that keeps her well below 90 pounds, which is already worrying in itself. While one can assume that Middleton has all of her meals prepared for her, she’s very careful with the number of calories she has each day, leading William to wonder how she could possibly carry another baby with that mindset.

CDL continues to allege that with Kate Middleton’s weight plunging down to around 90 pounds, her hormones are going to conflict plans for another baby since she’s reportedly not eating enough to remain healthy.

“Plus, watching Kate Middleton waste away can’t be easy for Prince William since his mother Princess Diana’s weight plummeted when she was under stress,” the outlet goes on to stress, insinuating that Kate is showing signs that she is slowly following in Diana’s footsteps.

It’s a given fact that Princess Diana struggled to deal with the fame and dozens of photographers following her every move. More so, Diana was alleged to have lost quite a lot of weight prior to her death because of the media’s fascination concerning her private life.

For Kate Middleton to get pregnant again, she has to pack on the pounds, and William is supposedly aware of this, but with the 34-year-old happy with her current frame, all signs could potentially point to an intervention — one that would help Kate remain on a healthier path.

While Kate has always remained a rather slim figure, her weight-loss wasn’t a constant topic in the media until she married William in 2011, where she dropped several sizes right before the extravagant wedding in London.

This then begs the question of whether the royal life is to blame for Kate’s weight problems. Living up to a certain standard and making such drastic adjustments in her life at such a young age is bound to be hard, which was evidently seen with Princess Diana, who, by the time of her separation from Charles, deeply struggled to get her life in control again.

CDL concludes their story by alleging that a third pregnancy could potentially be good for Kate because it’ll give her an excuse to bow out from her royal duties. Perhaps when she does end up finding out that she’s pregnant, she’ll have no choice but to gain weight and perhaps stick with it following the birth of their third bundle of joy.

While the royal family is very quiet when it comes to things regarding their personal lives, Kate Middleton’s plunging weight-loss can no longer be hidden — it’s visible for all to see.

Whether she’s really struggling with the royal lifestyle is debatable, but the supposed fact that she is extreme dieting at 90 pounds is rather worrying.

What do you make of Kate Middleton’s dieting? Should her family be concerned?

[Photo by Arthur Edwards-WPA Pool/Getty Images]