Kate Middleton Is Not Pregnant: Rumors Of Her Third Pregnancy Are Not True–Royal Insider Claims They Don’t Plan On Any More Children

The royal news was lit on fire when a news report came out that Kate Middleton may be expecting her third child. Apparently, according to the report, she was early in her pregnancy, and so far, they didn’t expect her to bow out of any public engagements the royal family had planned over the next few months.

Gossip Cop confirmed that the report was false, and Kate and Williams were not expecting another child. In fact, according to Gossip Cop, the couple was not planning on having any more children. Middleton had hyperemesis gravidarum (or HG) in her pregnancies, and her doctors and family discouraged her from having more children.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is a medication condition where the expectant mother will vomit all her food and fluids, and is unable to keep anything down. In some rare case, the woman will vomit so often that she becomes nutritionally deficient, which can affect the unborn child’s development. Doctors typically treat the condition with anti-nausea medication like Zofran. The condition is treatable. However, it is an extremely uncomfortable and miserable way to live for three to nine months. Let’s face it, even when no complications arise in pregnancy, it is not a comfortable experience. Imagine living several months with the constant urge to throw up everything you eat or drink?

According to the report released by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Middleton’s pregnancy was a complete surprise, and she hoped it could save her crumbling marriage to Prince William. Gossip Cop explained there is no indication that the Royal marriage is in trouble, and an insider revealed even if it were, Kate wouldn’t stoop to using a new baby to manipulate William into stay with her.

It seems every few months that a tabloid magazine makes the claim that the Princess is pregnant with her third child. Each time, they make the claim that she is about three months along and wanted to be clear from the risk of miscarriage. It seems like it’s that time again because here we go with the reports from multiple media outlets that Kate is expecting, again. Like the other times since she delivered Charlotte, the royal insider has denied the rumors of her pregnancy and disclosed that Middleton feels her family is complete and doesn’t want to have more children.

Life & Style Weekly reported that Middleton wanted to wait another year or two before bringing another baby into the world, but the pregnancy just happened. And, they said that her schedule would not change either, she would still go to India and Rio for the Olympics. In an interview before Middleton delivered Prince George, Kate said they wanted a very large family. She joked that she’d love to have eight or more children.

Recently, a royal insider busted the pregnancy rumor by stating that Kate Middleton and Prince William may never have another baby because they feel blessed with the family they have now. For now, the Royal watchers are left wondering if she is pregnant or not–many don’t believe the royal insider and think that she could be in the (very) early stages of pregnancy. If and when she announces a pregnancy, the Inquisitr will give you the latest royal news and updates.

Royal fans, tell us what you think about the report that Kate Middleton is expecting her third baby in the comment section, below. Do you believe the royal insider that claims Kate and William do not want any more children and feel their family is complete?

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