LeeAnne Locken Claims She Was Set Up During ‘Real Housewives’ Fight

LeeAnne Locken flipped out on The Real Housewives of Dallas when she learned that one of her most embarrassing stories had been leaked to her new group of friends. On the show, Locken revealed that she had indeed taken some laxatives to fit into a dress, but things went wrong when she drank too much. Apparently, LeeAnne ended up pooping her pants at the back of a car, and her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars enjoyed bringing up this story again and again. But LeeAnne felt completely betrayed by the group, as someone close to her had leaked the story — and she had a feeling that Marie Reyes was responsible.

According to a new Bravo report, LeeAnne Locken is now opening up about the fight that rocked The Real Housewives of Dallas last night. After the cameras had left the ladies, LeeAnne completely flipped out on Reyes, threatening her life. Cary Deuber grabbed her phone and decided to record everything that was going on so she could inform her co-stars. And while the ladies were shocked at what had happened, LeeAnne reveals that she felt completely betrayed. Rather than take responsibility for her actions, she explains that she was betrayed in hopes of justifying her behavior.

“I was so upset with Marie because THIS wasn’t her first betrayal, and for the last year, I had been denying her betrayals. So I have had to come to terms with the fact that this IS Marie. This is what she is to me: A Liar,” LeeAnne Locken points out, sharing that she felt completely set up by Reyes.

This isn’t the first time that Marie has caused trouble with Locken on the show. A few episodes ago, Locken learned that Reyes had texted Tiffany Hendra behind her back, claiming that LeeAnne wasn’t a good friend. Since Tiffany is close with LeeAnne, she decided to print off the text messages and share them with her friend. So Locken was already walking on eggshells with her co-star, who seemed to have no problem being two-faced.

“The next morning when I tried to speak to Marie, I had actually texted her asking her to please come downstairs to talk. She said she would be right down, but she never showed up. SHE SET ME UP 100 %. She wanted everyone in the house to believe she was the victim. I applaud her for her first class acting job and for her strategic, but childish game-playing. I mean, she really thought everything through, move by move. That shit wasn’t checkers, that was chess,” LeeAnne Locken explains, sharing that she thinks that her co-star was acting.

Brandi Redmond has revealed that she wanted LeeAnne to take responsibility for her actions rather than place the victim label on herself. But Locken claims that Marie kept trying to be the victim as she sat completely scared in the kitchen the morning after. In her blog, LeeAnne Locken kept saying things about the past and didn’t really take responsibility for her actions. Although she’s not ready to deal with these issues now, she has learned a lot from watching the show herself.

“We’re all flawed and beautiful in our own ways; we make mistakes, and we all need to swallow our pride and accept them. We also learn to forgive others for their mistakes, which can be incredibly difficult sometimes. The same goes for forgiving ourselves, which I have learned to do over the last year,” Locken reveals, adding that she has learned quite a bit about her friendships and her own life.

What do you think of LeeAnne Locken’s threats? Do you think she was set up, or do you think she needs to take responsibility for her actions?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]