Prince’s Fortune: Alleged Heir Claims Singer Adopted Him, Left Him $7 Million

As the battle over Prince’s fortune heats up, more and more people are coming forward in an effort to claim a piece of the late “Purple Rain” singer’s estate.

This time, the claimant is a man named Norman Yates Carthens, who alleges that Prince adopted him and left Carthens $7 million in his will, according to TMZ. The celebrity news outlet reports that Carthens filed documents in probate court, though he reportedly provided no information about when he was adopted or where the alleged can be found.

“My dad was giving me 7,000,000 [sic]. So I’m putting a $7,000,000 claim on the estate because I’m a heir and I have proof.”

As of yet, no will has been discovered, and Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, has already said that no will exists.


TMZ also reports that a second person has recently come forward claiming to be an heir to Prince’s fortune. Regina Sorenson also filed documents, claiming that she is a half-sibling of Prince. According to her documents, Sorenson and Prince had the same father, and as a result, she has asked to be included in the DNA testing of potential heirs.

In May, the judge overseeing Prince’s estate ruled that anyone claiming to be an heir to Prince’s fortune would have to submit to DNA testing. According to the ruling, those seeking a portion of Prince’s estate would have to pay for the testing themselves.


The decision came after a man in locked up in federal prison in Colorado came forward claiming to be Prince’s son. Carlin Q. Williams said his mother and Prince hooked up in a Kansas City hotel room in 1976.

Williams has said that he will gladly submit to a DNA test, and on Monday filed paperwork asking the court to move the DNA testing process forward. According to the paperwork, Williams believes he the “one true heir” to Prince’s fortune.

“Williams submits that DNA testing of all potential heirs should be a high and urgent priority by the Special Administrator, and this task should not be displaced by ancillary actions that may permit a final disposition of intellectual property assets now owned by the estate.”

While Williams is more than willing to perform a DNA test, there are other potential heirs who have asked not to be tested. In May, two women claiming to be related to the late singer refused DNA testing, claiming that they had provided birth certificates and other evidence of their blood relationship to Prince. According to reports, the women are allegedly Prince’s niece and grandniece through Prince’s deceased half-brother.

Since Prince’s death in Chanhassen, Minnesota on April 21, more than 300 people have reportedly come forward to claim a portion of the “Raspberry Beret” singer’s estate. Recent reports confirm that Prince died of of opioid toxicity.

On Monday, the Minnesota judge overseeing Prince’s estate ordered that all claims on Prince’s estate must be filed my Friday, June 10. All claims will be reviewed by a special administrator appointed to oversee the case, according to reports.

Prince’s estate is worth an estimated $300 million, which includes more than an estimated $27 million in property and millions in rights and licensing.

What do you think of all of the claims on Prince’s fortune? Do you think those claiming a portion should have to be DNA tested at their own expense? Why or why not?

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]