Toyota To Sponsor Whack-A-Hipster At Bumbershoot Music Festival

Frustrated by the hipsters at your local coffee house? If you pay a visit to this year’s Bumbershoot music festival in Seattle, Washington, you’ll be able to participate in an activity known as “Whack-a-Hipster,” which allows you and your friends to take out your hipster-oriented angst without fear of being arrested for assault and battery. According to The Sideshow, the whole event will be sponsored by the folks at Toyota. Here’s hoping the company doesn’t alienate their demographic in the process.

Those who wander away from the music long enough to encounter the Toyota Prius Family Playground will be able to take out their frustrations upon the cranium of a hipster. The game, inspired by the carnival staple “Whack-a-Mole,” doesn’t employee actual hipsters, which may be a deal breaker for some folks.

Fortunately for those who won’t be attending this year’s Bumbershoot music festival, Toyota plans to bring the “Whack-a-Hipster” game to various concerts and events across the country. Keep your fingers crossed that the peculiar pastime will make a stop in your neck of the woods before the end of the year.

The folks at The Stranger managed to get their hands on the official Toyota press release, which reveals some of the company’s other scheduled activities:

“Check out the game that’s taking the nation by storm, the Prius v Whac-A-Hipster. Take a spin on the Human-Powered Prize Wheel, a giant hamster wheel that makes you work for a prize, or challenge your friends with the Prius Family Challenge. Too much tweeting, texting and instagramming for your cell phone to handle? Hop in the Prius Plug-In and Charge Up Station where up to five people can charge their phones for five minutes. After working up a sweat, cool down with a complimentary Prius-shaped popsicle and cooling Bumbershoot bandana. And for those festival-goers in the market for a new ride, a few of the latest vehicles in the Toyota Prius Family lineup will be on display as well.”

Once you’ve finished with “Whack-a-Hipster” at the Toyota Prius Family Playground, Lime Life reports that you can check out Jane’s Addiction, Tony Bennett, Skrillex, Gotye, M83, Passion Pit, Keane, and Best Coast at this weekend’s festival.