Iceland Tourist Takes Part in Search … For Herself

Iceland – Last weekend, a female tourist spent her Saturday helping the police search for a missing woman, that is, until she realized that she was the missing woman that they were looking for.

Gawker reports that the “missing woman” had stepped off of the bus at Eldgjá, a volcanic canyon in Iceland and never came back. The bus driver waited for the woman for an hour, hoping that she would make her way back to the bus, then continued on without her.

However, the “missing woman” was on the bus the whole time. She just happened to have changed clothes, so the bus driver did not recognize her when she came back to the bus.

After awhile, the bus driver put word out to police that a 5′ 2″ woman aged 20-30 of Asian decent,who had spoken English very well and who was wearing dark clothing has gone missing in the canyon.

The woman did not think that she would be the missing woman because she does not let her Asian decent define who she is. Now if they were to say that they were searching for “a great friend, a daughter, a dreamer, a believer, a total dork who seems shy at first but is so crazy once you get to know her,” she might have recognized that it was her.

Everyone taking part in this search neglected to ask the 20-30 5′ 2″ woman of Asian decent if she was the 5′ 2″ woman of Asian decent that they have been looking for. They might not have wanted to seem racist by asking her just because she was of Asian decent.

A team of 50 rescue workers continued searching for the woman until 3 am on Sunday when the woman realized that she was the one that everyone was looking for.