Horrifying Freak ‘Window Frame’ Accident Kills Young London Woman In Broad Daylight

A young London woman in her 20’s was killed yesterday in a freak accident in full view of shoppers when a concrete window frame left “propped” against a wall fell on top of her.

The accident happened as the woman walked past a building site in London’s Hanover Square. It’s a smart, business area in central London just off Oxford Street mostly populated by offices.

It’s believed a strong gust of wind swept the four meter frame from the wall of the multi-million pound six-storey office block, hitting the (as yet) unnamed, young woman on the head.

The tragedy occurred as construction workers were installing window in the office block. A spokesman from Westgreen Construction Ltd, the company managing the building project, said:

“We will do whatever is necessary. This is a terrible accident.”

Last night witnesses came forward claiming the “very heavy” window had been left “propped” on a wall on the ground floor. Some of them also said barriers around the building site had recently been removed. Kohei Matsumoto, a witness to the accident and manager of a nearby sushi restaurant told reporters at the scene said:

“Two of my team members saw a girl turn left into Hanover Street. She was eating a banana.”

“The next thing they saw this window frame falling down on her. She didn’t scream – it happened so quickly.”

A spokeswoman for the London Ambulance Service said an air ambulance, two ambulance crews, two cycle responders and members of the hazardous area response team were sent to the area after a 999 emergency services call was made. The woman was later declared dead at the scene.

Another witness, Dario Motti, 65, corroborated that a window frame had been left propped up against the wall before it fell. “I saw the frames delivered yesterday,” he said. “They were so heavy they were lifted in by crane.”

A further witness, who declined to be named, said it took ten people to lift the frame off the woman.

“I heard this incredible loud bang,” he said. “I turned round and the frame was on the ground. I was hoping it was a coat underneath – but then I saw an arm.”

“There was a woman who said she was a doctor who wanted to perform CPR, and somebody was giving her mouth-to-mouth. Her eyes were open and I saw her hand move and then I saw her last breath, and then the light went out – she’d gone. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

A Metropolitan Police investigation into the incident is described as “ongoing.”

Building site: Workmen were installing windows in a six-storey office block in Hanover Square in London when the incident happened