‘RHONY’ Star Sonja Morgan Posts A Shocking Tweet Revealing A Legal Battle With A Bravo Co-Star Over The Brand Name Tipsy Girl

Real Housewives of New York City does not lack drama this season. If it wasn’t enough, they decided to bring back one of the most controversial and sassy housewives in the franchise. Bethenny Frankel and Sonja Morgan have a real life business tariff war going on behind the scenes.

All About The Tea reported that Sonja posted a shocking tweet about a legal battle with an unnamed co-star about the trademark of Tipsy Girl. Morgan deleted the tweet some time later, after fans called her out about her post and asked her if she was using her social media account to target Bethenny.


Apparently, Sonja allegedly posted an email screenshot that detailed a legal battle to use the name Tipsy Girl. In the since-deleted tweet, the email claims that a c0-star tried pulling a fast one by using the name Tipsy Girl.

Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to piece together that the email was about Bethenny. It was just a few episodes ago that Frankel lets Morgan have it over her choice in the business name of Tipsy Girl for her Prosecco product.

Not only did Sonja remove the tweet that detailed her legal battle with an unnamed co-star, but she claimed her social media accounts were hacked, and she never sent the tweet containing the email. Her followers didn’t believe her and wondered (and asked pretty bluntly) if Bethenny was suing her — only for Sonja to answer the questions in a coy and playful way.


The email details alleged that a member of the cast was working to trademark the name Tipsygirl as one word instead of two–hoping it would block Sonja and her partner from using the name. The email was to Morgan to consider legal action against her co-star to prevent them from pursuing a trademark for the name.

In November, Frankel’s company, Skinny Girl Marks, LLC, filed a trademark for the name Tipsygirl. It was filed seven months after Morgan’s team had filed for a trademark for the name Tipsy Girl.

“One of Sonja’s co-stars is maliciously defaming her in the press and harming her current and future business prospects by attempting to hijack her brand name, Tipsy girl and trademarking it as one word. This crosses the line of ethics and morallity, and this person is harming Sonja is nothing more than a con-artist with a platform.”


A few weeks ago, the fans of RHONY watched as Bethenny tore into Morgan about her new business idea. Frankel basically told her she ripped her business idea and slammed her for trying to copy her business platform.

Frankel claimed she was done with Morgan and accused her of “spying” on her business to copy it. She said, “I let you in on business meetings here at Skinny Girl, while you were planning to launch your own brand?”

Bethenny later admitted that such a small endeavor posed little to no risk to her brand that targets weight conscientious individuals. “I am not even remotely worried about the actual name of this product,” Bethenny said. Frankel revealed what concerned her was she felt like Morgan took advantage of her and her company.


Bethenny Frankel was not named in the email to Sonja Morgan, only implied. It didn’t take much to figure out that it was Bethenny who was giving her push back on the name when you consider how upset she became after learning the brand name.

It doesn’t seem like this is over by any means. Stick with the Inquisitr for more Real Housewives of New York spoilers, news, and updates.