Jenelle Evans Already Producing Own Show: Fans Turn Against MTV For Poor Editing?

Jenelle Evans has been less than pleased with the way MTV has portrayed her over the years. Several times, Evans has blamed MTV for their editing, saying that they are trying to make her look like a train wreck. Jenelle claims that the producers want to make her look like the bad person and don’t show any of the positive things that are going on in her life.

Sadly, Jenelle isn’t the only person who has complained about bad editing, as Leah Messer has also slammed the network. But unlike Leah, Jenelle is ready to fight back. Last week, Evans revealed that she would be pursuing her own show without the help of MTV, and it sounds like this show is already in production.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans announced that she is already working on her plan to give fans her own show away from MTV’s editorial guidelines. Jenelle wants to share what her life is really like and not just share the negatives. And it sounds like she’s very serious about this, as she’s been filming the weekend she had with her boyfriend and her sons.

“Haven’t had time to edit my GoPro videos yet but have two different videos to go now! Fishing and camping. Whoot whoot! #YouTubeSeries,” Jenelle Evans revealed over the weekend, adding that she already had two videos ready for her new show.

But fans were already critical of her statement, asking why she would have to edit her own video episodes if she wants to be honest. Maybe Jenelle Evans wants to include an introduction, add some background music, or just improve the sound. It is possible that she just wants to make a show out of the videos and not just share them as video clips.

“Why do you have to edit them? I thought you wanted to show your real life,” one person wrote, while another added, “If she didn’t you would probably notice a bong or a jar of pills laying around, those positive vibes have…”

Over the weekend, Jenelle Evans posted several pictures of her sons as they were having a blast outside in the summer weather. And she did have some fans who reached out to her in support of everything that was happening.

“MTV needs to cut the bullshit. You and David are always doing productive activities with Jace. Definitely doesn’t look like your sleeping all day and ignoring the kids,” one person wrote in defense of Jenelle Evans, showing her full support in her new venture.

It was last week when Jenelle flipped out over a Teen Mom episode, where she felt MTV was only showing a negative part of her life. Of course, she’s been going through some health troubles and felt that the network only wanted to focus on her complaining about how hard her life was.

“I’m pretty convinced @MTV constantly wants to make me look like the most horrible mother ever,” Jenelle previously tweeted about her frustrations with the network, according to Us Weekly. “Doesn’t show a damn positive thing for my story.”

“And this season and this upcoming ones were suppose to be really nice and smooth towards the end but of course if @MTV hires a director that judges you, hates you, and wants to make you look out to be bad… They will do it,” Evans continued, adding, “They hold all power in the edit room.”

“You would think they would have shown by now how I’ve been trying to get Jace back for over a year, or how many great times we’ve had,” Jenelle Evans pointed out, sharing that MTV should have covered her custody battle over Jace.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans pursuing her own show? Do you think it will get as many viewers as Teen Mom on MTV?

[Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for GBK Productions]