Honey Badger BBQ Sauce!

The honey badger has been showing up a lot lately, making it’s presence known far and wide over the past year or so.

There is no animal like the honey badger. Despite it’s size, the honey badger is one of the fiercest and fearless animals in the world. It chases chases lions, fights off monitor lizards over three times it’s size, and pretty much does whatever the heck he wants. Taking all of the characteristics of this fearless creature into consideration, three designers have decided to honor the honey badger by naming their new brand of bbq sauce after it.

These three men, whose names are Paul, Chris, and Leigh, are currently trying to raise funds for their new brand of bbq sauce via their Kickstarter page.

They’re goal is to raise over $40,000 to be able to produce their Honey Badger BBQ Sauce.

They need $40,000 because they are using a unique detailed bottle to package their sauce in, and that requires a lot of money for the custom molds. It will also require a lot of money for a custom production line to fill and label the custom bottles. Since they are using a custom bottle, they have to order a minmum of 10,000 and fill all 10,000.

The custom bottle is a “tribute to this most fearless of mammals”. The bottle depicts a snarling honey badger fighting with a cobra. It shows the cobra sinking it’s fangs into the honey badger, but with little effect since it is tightly caught in the honey badgers claws.

honey badger bbq sauce

The bbq sauce is a spicy blend of honey, bbq, and habenero flavors. The original sauce says “Cobra Strength” on it, meaning that it has quite a kick to it, but they will also be rolling out a limited run of “Triple Cobra Strength” bbq sauce. This sauce, they say might even be too strong for the real honey badger to handle. They can only make one batch per year of this extra hot sauce, so they will be hard to get ahold of.

The team is will include bonuses based on how much is pledged to their Kickstarter site. (See site for details)