Kylie Jenner & Blac Chyna: Cold War Brewing Despite Show Of Unity?

Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna have never been the best of friends. Ever since it came out that Tyga, Blac Chyna’s ex and the father of their son, was seeing Kylie, there was reportedly a lot of tension between the two. And things only got worse after Blac Chyna started to date Rob Kardashian. While the two posted a picture of both of them together, do you think Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner are really friends?


One would expect that since Tyga and Kylie Jenner are not together anymore, the two might get back to being friends. However, their rivalry is not limited to their personal lives. The two have always tried to out do each other professionally, as well. Kylie Jenner, who owns a very successful cosmetics business, is challenged by Blac Chyna’s “Lashed” range of cosmetics.


Recently, when Kylie Jenner shared the video of a warehouse full of Kylie Lip Kits, Blac Chyna was quick to make an announcement that she was launching a lipstick, too, Daily Mail has stated. And this is not the first time it has happened.

There have been several instances in the past when Blac Chyna has thrown shade at Kylie Jenner. The Inquisitr has quoted Hollywood Life as saying that Blac Chyna mocks Kylie Jenner because Blac certainly thinks “anything Kylie can do, she can do ten times better!”


Moreover, no one knows it better than Blac Chyna that Kylie Jenner is very insecure about her lips. “Blac loves duplicating Kylie’s looks because she always rocks it better and has the last laugh. It’s Blac’s cunning way of making Kylie continue to reinvent herself because Blac knows she’s not comfortable in her own skin and body.”

There have been instances when Kylie Jenner has talked about the insecurity she has about her body. Elle has previously reported that Kylie Jenner is very insecure about her lips, and that insecurity is what has prompted her to get her lips done. “I did it strictly for me,” she said. “When I got my lips done, I literally told no one! I didn’t tell my best friend or even the guy I liked at the time. I really thought it was no one’s business. My mom was super-against it, but I begged her and begged her and she finally let me do it. After I did them, I thought it was so obvious that I didn’t have to say anything. I never denied it because I always told my publicist ‘no lip questions,’ so no one ever asked me. I never said I got them done, but I never denied it either. But people thought I was such a liar!”


However, Kylie has fought rumors about getting plastic surgery on other parts of her body. “People were saying I got my chin reconstructed, that I got a nose job, an eyebrow lift, I got my boobs done, this and that. So I wanted to come out and say that this is crazy and I only got my lips done. I don’t think people realize that I just turned 18. There’s no way my mom or any doctor would let me go under the knife like that—that’s just so crazy! [I admitted to using lip fillers because] I don’t want to be a bad role model. I don’t want my fans to think they have to get lip fillers or look like me in any way.” While no one has talked about Blac Chyna’s possible cosmetic surgeries, it’s true that Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic surgery confessions have also made it hard for her to fight the people who criticize her.

Do you think Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna’s rivalry would ever come to an end? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]