‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Ignored Friends’ Warnings About Jordan Rodgers, ‘This Is Not Going To End Well’ [Report]

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher gave Jordan Rodgers the first impression rose on the season premiere, but her friends back home in Texas are less than impressed with the 27-year-old former NFL quarterback, backing up host Chris Harrison‘s suggestion that Jordan may be on the show for fame, not love.

Jordan was confirmed as a contestant weeks before filming got underway, giving JoJo’s friends plenty of time to give her the heads up about his rumored infidelities and his intent to use the show to help him secure a career in sports broadcasting.

[Warning: Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead]

Not only did sources tell Us Weekly that her friends gave her “multiple warnings” about a potential relationship disaster, blogger Reality Steve backed up their claims stating that Jordan didn’t just want to bolster his career opportunities, his initial goal was to become the next Bachelor, something that he soon changed his mind about when he realized he would become more famous if he went the distance and got engaged to JoJo.

However, JoJo didn’t heed the warnings, something may lead to heartbreak after the season finale airs and the couple begins to fade from the spotlight. The Bachelorette recently told Entertainment Weekly that she usually has a “pretty good read on people” and she felt her connection with Jordan was immediate from night one.

“[Jordan and I] had an immediate connection,” Fletcher told EW. “It was like we were boyfriend and girlfriend on night one.”

Reports that JoJo was in contact with Jordan before the show has some fans wondering if that’s why he instantly became a frontrunner this season and if they had a plan from the get-go to chase fame together.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Fletcher denied that she ever met or talked to Rodgers before filming started, but she did admit that she knew he was coming on the show because it was “all over the internet.”

Reality Steve still maintains that she’s not telling the truth and claims that if she were to “turn over her phone” or get “hooked up to lie detector test,” the results would prove that she was lying about her pre-show connection with Jordan.

As the season progresses, viewers will see what Steve calls the “JoJo and Jordan show,” but she will have to move forward with a few of her other frontrunners because, much like on Ben’s season, producers need a storyline. The same was said about Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, who were rumored to be an item early-on in the filming process.

Fortunately, the love story has played out in real life for Ben and Lauren, who are now living together in Colorado and considering a TV wedding. If spoilers are correct, JoJo and Jordan will also get engaged on the Bachelorette season finale (August 1), but the odds of them making it to the altar are slim if the cheating rumors and Jordan’s career intentions start to get in the way of their newfound relationship.

Reality Steve predicts that JoJo will gush about her relationship with Jordan on the After the Final Rose special but not long after they make the media rounds, he expects that she will “open up about her breakup with Jordan” and state that she “should’ve listened” to what her friends were saying about him.

“You don’t know half the story,” Steve writes. “This is not going to end well for JoJo in the long run, and I’ve been saying that for a month … this is only the beginning.”

“The Jordan stories of his skirt-chasing will dominate the tabloids the next two months. Impossible that deep down that won’t bother the sh** out of JoJo … when JoJo finally opens up about her breakup with Jordan [she will say] ‘I should’ve listened to what others were saying more.’ “

Will JoJo find true love with Jordan, or will the couple issue a “we’ve parted ways as friends” statement to the media soon after they make their first public appearance as an engaged couple?

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