‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nathan Stuns Maxie, Alexis And Julian Struggle, And Rachel And Elizabeth’s Battle Continues

General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 6 detail that Maxie will learn shocking information about Nathan’s past while Lucas will be making new plans with Brad. There is more on the way regarding Alexis and Julian and Jason will continue to dig into what really happened with Nikolas. What else can fans expect?

Lucas woke up on Friday’s episode and he indicated that he does know what happened to him. General Hospital spoilers detail that Jordan will be questioning him about the attack and as We Love Soaps shares, he and Brad will be making new plans. Does this mean that Lucas is completely out of the woods now? Viewers had been very worried that he might be killed off, but everybody is hopeful that he’ll have a full recovery.

Nathan says he is ready to come clean to Maxie about his past with Claudette. He admits to her that he killed someone, and General Hospital spoilers from the previews show him flashing back to being in his rookie blues and pointing a gun at a woman and man in bed. Many fans suspect that Griffin is the man Claudette was cheating with, and that Nathan shot him and thought he killed him. How soon will viewers get confirmation of these suspicions?

Jason and Sam have been trying to figure out what really happened with Nikolas and they are beginning to suspect that Nikolas set this up himself and is just fine and hiding. Their investigation into this continues during the coming week and General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will uncover some key tidbits soon. It sounds as if Spinelli will be pulled into the investigation as well, and he will also find some significant evidence.


Elizabeth is determined to take down Rachel/Hayden, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Franco will offer to help her. Rachel was stunned to see her mother show up in Port Charles and she will have some questions for her mom during the next episodes. As Soap Central shares, Rachel will be a bit suspicious about her mom’s reasons for showing up, but it seems that Naomi will be insistent that she is supporting her daughter.

Alexis has worked on a plan to turn in Julian for what he has done, but General Hospital spoilers share that she will be on the fence about whether or not to move forward. There will be a confrontation between the two during Tuesday’s show. Julian may try to smooth things over with Alexis, but they will hit a breaking point on Thursday’s episode and fans will be curious to see whether they can find a way to stay together. Will Alexis turn him into the police or continue to protect him?


Carly has some accusations to make this coming week, and General Hospital spoilers note that Monica will be pushing Finn for some answers. There is an arrest warrant ahead, and Dante will be following somebody. Morgan is making some solid progress in his recovery, and he will be worrying about what happens when he leaves the clinic. In addition, Sonny seemingly discovers that someone is anxious to keep Kiki and Morgan apart.

Kristina will be thinking about Parker, but she is spending time with Aaron and General Hospital spoilers indicate that some sparks will fly between them. Paul makes an interesting offer to Anna, who is seemingly suspicious of his plan, and there is some talk between Julian and Ava before she heads off on a trip. Tracy will apparently be ready to bring Sabrina into the fold, leaving some a bit stunned, and Griffin finds himself in a difficult spot.

Can Maxie and Nathan survive this challenge? Is Griffin the man who was cheating with Claudette? What comes next regarding Jason and Nikolas? General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Claudette will be popping up soon and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next for everybody in Port Charles.

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