Mariah Carey Divorce: Nick Won’t Sign Papers

Mariah Carey and James Packer are crazy in love and can’t wait to get married, but they can’t go ahead with their fantasy wedding until Mariah is divorced from Nick Cannon. Carey didn’t think that would be a problem when she said yes to Packer, and she’s still crossing her fingers that things will work out with Nick. TMZ reports that Cannon isn’t ready to let go of Carey. He’s making trouble for the lovebirds!

According to the online magazine, even though Mariah’s wedding to James Packer is coming up quickly, Carey still has to finish the divorce process from Nick. That means Cannon has to sign papers to finalize the divorce, and he’s reportedly refusing to do that. Nick and Mariah were married in 2008, but separated in August of 2014. Nick filed for divorce in December of the same year and seemed content to move on, signing a custody agreement that covered the couple’s four-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe. A source told TMZ that Nick “still loves Mariah” and although the separation and custody agreement was okay with him, he “doesn’t want to officially let her go.”

Nick’s attitude makes things tough for Mariah and James, who are planning an intimate dream wedding in the near future. According to the Daily Mail, they haven’t named the date yet for the wedding that Carey said wouldn’t have a reception since that’s only “for if you have a big wedding.” She added, “I never said it was gonna be a big wedding.”

Whether it’s a huge splash or a family affair, the wedding can’t happen until Nick signs the divorce papers and releases Carey from their marriage. Initially, the divorce process was believed to have been delayed over “financial-settlement issues,” but now there’s nothing holding it up except a signature on the all-important papers.

There are rumors that Cannon just doesn’t want Carey to marry James, and that he might be willing to finalize the divorce if the groom was someone other than James Packer. A source close to Cannon says that Nick just “doesn’t want Mariah to marry her fiancé, James Packer.”

On the other hand, it could be that a combination of leftover feelings for Mariah, and Nick’s own busy schedule, has just pushed the importance of signing divorce papers down his list of priorities. According to the New York Daily News, Cannon has offered to pay up to $100,000 to anyone who “thinks they can beat him in a rap battle.” He’s challenged Eminem to meet him in the battle, which is scheduled for June 25 at the BET Experience festival held in Los Angeles. Opponents would also have to put up the cash, and Cannon says that his winnings would go towards supporting a children’s hospital.

Nick is super confident that he’ll win the battle rap, even if he can’t win back Mariah. Last week he even tweeted, “I’m gonna be honest with y’all, I’ve talked to a lot of your favorite rappers behind closed doors and they ALL SCARED! LOL.”

All that focus on winning the battle rap for sick kids could get in the way of other business, but it seems suspect that it’s taking so long for Nick to sign. Mariah has been putting a lot of effort into convincing Nick to sign off, and the divorce has been dragging on “for nearly a year,” without any explanation from Cannon, who “won’t say why.”

Even if the divorce delay is because Nick really does still love Mariah, it’s pretty clear that Mariah is sticking with James and won’t be coming back to Nick. It’s been almost two years since Carey and Cannon first separated, and fans think it’s time for Nick to let go, get divorced, and move on.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]