‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 4: Alex Is Fine, Taystee Is New Mother Hen

Orange is The New Black is almost back and we’ve been given a few previews on what to expect on the much-loved series’ Season 4.

Season 3 left us happy, sad, anxious, and a ton of emotions all rolled into one tissue paper. We shed tears of happiness and grief, and almost tore our hair out when we were left with cliffhangers and what ifs. But now, Orange is the New Black is geared for Season 4, and the prison series’ fans are already at the edge of their seat, waiting for the answers to the questions left in Season 3.

One of the biggest cliffhangers in Season 3 of Orange is the New Black left us wondering what will happen to Alex Vause (played by actress Laura Prepon). Throughout Season 3 of OITNB, Alex was on her toes, thinking new inmate Lolly was sent by her old boss to take her out. She has been doing a lot of betraying and hiding for the past few seasons, which would just make so much sense why her old boss is out to get her. At the end of Orange of the New Black Season 3, Alex Vause was cornered at the greenhouse by one of the men of her former drug cartel boss. Will Alex make it out of the greenhouse alive?

In the latest Orange is the New Black Season 4 trailer released by Netflix, there was an alarming scare from the fact that Alex was missing from the trailer. Will this mean that she will not be starring in Orange is the New Black Season 4?

Well, for OITNB fans who were scared to their wits, Netflix assures us that Alex is fine and dandy—she is back for Season 4. Following the Orange is the New Black Season 4 trailer, Netflix released a series of teaser photos which reveal that Alex is still alive and kicking, ready to take on another season at the penitentiary. The photo shows Alex leaning over the fence, with two guards right behind her. This only means that Alex is already drawing trouble, albeit making it out of the greenhouse alive.

We have made up theories as to how Alex made it out of the greenhouse alive: she could’ve beaten the life out of her former boss’ henchman (which is most unlikely); she could’ve bribed the man somehow to let her live; or she could’ve entered an agreement with the guy that will only bring her more trouble in the future in exchange for her life.

Well we can only wait for now for the Season 4 of Orange is the New Black to find out how Alex really managed to escape from her captor. Below are some of the newest photographs from Netflix to tease us on the upcoming season.

On another spectrum of Orange is the New Black, we see from the trailer the brand new image of Taystee (played by actress Danielle Brooks). Taystee is assigned as the new receptionist of the office of the warden Joe Caputo (played by Nick Sandow). Taystee is still struggling to adjust to the new responsibilities and perks that she gain with her new assignment, and the actress playing her reveals that as the new mother hen of the group, she will be struggling, too, in terms of negotiating with her feelings and her past.

Brooks tells Essence, “She’s taking on the role of the mother hen, not really wanting the title. I think this is her way of honoring Vee [Taystee’s deceased mother figure] whether she knows it or not. In Season 4, there’s a lot of trying to make sure the girls stay in line and it gets really, really deep.”

Taystee is easily already one of the fan favorites in Orange is the New Black and Brooks tells ADWeek that it’s because Taystee has been adding color to the prison life.

“I think it’s because she says whatever she wants to. She brings a different color, a different way of showing life in prison versus what people are used to seeing. Taystee really is the joy of the prison. And there are so many layers to her character, especially later on when you discover why she is the way that she is and why she tries to find so much joy in this place. I think that for the audience, that’s exciting because it’s not just another ‘angry black woman’ without any depth. That’s something that people can relate to.”

Catch Orange is the New Black Season 4 on June 17 on Netflix.

[Featured image via Netflix]