Justin Bieber Follows Selena Gomez On Instagram Again, Does It Mean Anything?

Justin Bieber followed Selena Gomez on Instagram on Sunday night (June 5), after unfollowing his ex-girlfriend on the photo-sharing site after they split up in November 2014.

Does that mean the former sweethearts are talking or thinking of reuniting? Do they have some kind of business-oriented pact to stoke the dead ashes of “Jelena” for fans when either needs to shift product? Or does it mean the Biebs was “bored and alone” as he admitted in his caption to a humorous face-gurning Instagram video the same night? He also followed model Bella Hadid and “liked” one of Rihanna’s posts.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber followed Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid on Instagram ( Screen shot via Twitter )

Only Justin Bieber knows. And even he might be clueless about his Instagram surfing motives. However, any fans desperate for answers will no doubt be happy to see a slew of gossip media outlets have already rolled out stories promising to reveal the inside track on the ex-couple. The usual anonymous “sources” are claiming X, Y, and Z and will probably be believed.

But, back to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s seemingly deader than deader romance. As Us Weekly reports, fans certainly took notice when the “Sorry” singer followed the “Same Old Love” songstress last night.

“Justin Bieber recently followed Selena on Instagram,” the magazine reveals one Jelena disciple tweeted after the Biebs’ shock follow. Another fan reportedly added, “Waiting for Selena to log on to Instagram and follow Justin back but knowing [her] she probably won’t…”

Since the fall 2014 ending of the famous pair’s romance, there have been ad hoc sightings in Los Angeles: by the pool at a hotel, a church meet, then the Biebs’ serenading of Gomez at a Beverly Hills hotel days before the 2015 American Music Awards, and the many magazine interviews the two gave before releasing their respective albums in which they spoke highly of each other.

Fast forward past the fan-posted Jelena Instagram posts liked by Selena last November and throwback pic posted by Justin in December to the throwback Jelena kissing photo the Canadian shared in March 2016. Selena not only “liked” it, she wrote “Perfect” in the comments section. A few days later, she was spotted at Bieber’s Purpose Tour concert at L.A.’s Staples Center on March 23.

The image, captioned “Feels,” is now the “Most Liked Photo” on Instagram, with 3.6 million “Likes” and counting.

However, since then, the ballad of Jelena has become more dissonant. On the opening night of Gomez’s Revival Tour in Las Vegas, the actress-singer debuted a new song called “Feel Me,” with harsh lyrics about hoping an ex-lover would forever be lonely. The following night, the Disney alum crumpled up a fan’s poster onstage, which read “Marry Justin Please.” All of which suggests Gomez either has very strong feelings about not reuniting with Bieber or was drumming up headlines for her tour. Or both.

Either way, Bieber’s Instagram follow of Gomez has predictably got fans and media speculating about the state of their relationship once again.

Since their possibly final breakup two years ago, the Biebs and SelGo have dived into the dating scene. At least, on the surface. The heartthrob has been unconvincingly linked to reality star Kourtney Kardashian, “non-exclusively” dated pal model Hailey Baldwin (they broke up in February), and was seen on a date with the actress Nicola Anne Peltz last week.

Meanwhile, Gomez dated producer-DJ Zedd, allegedly made out with One Direction’s Niall Horan, and briefly dated NYU graduate and weird boot-wearer Samuel Krost. Currently, both Bieber and Gomez are single. As yet, Selena has not followed the Biebs back on Instagram. Will that change in the foreseeable? Maybe.

Until, and if, that momentous event occurs, enjoy the following snapshot of fans’ tweets on the matter.

they both have music videos coming out this week if you don't see how transparent this is….. https://t.co/fd3NfzCI2r

— jordan (@biebsuschrist) June 6, 2016

It's so obvious Justin and Selena use their relationship for promo it became embarrassing

—. (@fIawlesspalvin) June 6, 2016

i feel like justin and selena will end up being together

— ️ (@hoIyrauhl) June 6, 2016

A follow means nothing they've been dead forever now if you haven't realized this by now 2016 you're dumb things are so different

— ️ (@hoIiestcompanys) June 6, 2016

For all you over dramatic ppl pic.twitter.com/dQ3SuOdGu9

— petty keeks (@_thebiebsismine) June 6, 2016

[Photo by Kevin Winter & Mat Heyward/Getty Images]