Watch Justin Bieber Perform ‘Sorry’ And ‘What Do You Mean?’ On ‘Ellen’ [Video]

Justin Bieber’s seven day residency on Ellen DeGeneres’s television show for “Bieber Week” came to an end today with a per-recorded outdoor show which aired on Friday’s edition of The Ellen DeGeneres.

The concert marks the release of the Biebs’ Purpose album, his first full length album in three years since 2012s Believe. The album shot straight to No.1 on 53 iTunes around the world, including the U.S. singles sales chart and equivalents in the U.K., Australia, and Canada when it dropped on November 13.

Justin performed his worldwide smash, and a few of his other hits on Ellen including, the island-flavored “Sorry,” “Love Yourself,” which he co-penned with British pal Ed Sheeran, his older classic “Boyfriend,” and his worldwide smash “What Do You Mean?

The singer’s daily visits to The Ellen DeGeneres show this week have been a big part of Team Bieber’s lead into the release of Purpose, and from footage seen below, it’s clear the fans in the audience loved Justin’s set.

The heartthrob wore white jodhpur pants with a long white top and yellow over-shirt.

Check out the Biebs’ rendition of “What Do You Mean?” below.

During his week on Ellen, Justin took part in a prank in which he dressed up as a security guard and checked some of the audience as they arrived at the TV studio. The Canadian was also interviewed by DeGeneres, and talked about his recent experience being photographed naked by a paparazzi without his consent or knowledge in Bora Bora while he was on vacation.

The Biebs also performed an acoustic blast of “Sorry” earlier this week, but, fans at the much bigger live concert were given a rendition of the full-on beat version, which Justin danced up a storm to.

On the video below, the Biebs is seen inviting all the fans to the Staples Center event he is hosting to mark the release of Purpose tonight.

He also thanked Ellen on stage, and said he was “really appreciative,” of everything she does for him.

Bieber wasn’t the only guest to appear during the Friday-airing episode of Ellen. Legendary Annie Hall actress, Diane Keaton also swung by.

Keaton may have been hamming it up for the show, as she was gloriously eccentric during her chat with DeGeneres. Of course it could have been the wine that Ellen provided. Here comes the Justin Bieber part.

Ellen asked her guest if she liked the Biebs and bantered about the singer as images of the heartthrob flashed up on a screen. “I like that boy,” the veteran actress said, which prompted jokey-banter about Cougars.

Shortly after, Bieber walked on set and surprised Keaton, who screamed when she saw him, sweetly kissing the famous interloper on his cheek and telling him he was “so cute.”

More hilarity followed after he walked off-set to prep for the concert. The actress raved about the singer, enthusing, “O.K., lets get real here. I mean, is he? That’s real beauty.”

Meanwhile, as stunning reviews for Purpose continue to pour in from critics, celebrities, and fans, Justin jumped online earlier Friday to retweet a worldwide buyout his fans are having where they will buy the album en masse at retail stores.

He also live tweeted a giant listening party and shared pictures or lyrics about each song.

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