Apple CEO Tim Cook Sits Down With Google CEO Larry Page For Patent Talks

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page are currently sitting down behind closed doors, reportedly to work out a patent agreement between the companies.

The discussions were first reported by Reuters which claims that the talks are part of both firms goal to solve their patent headaches. It is not known at this time what the two men are discussing specifically although its likely the main focus centers around mobility products, specifically smartphone and tablet devices.

Larry Page and Tim Cook spoke on the phone last week according to the rumor and they are expected to meet in the coming weeks to further their discussions.

Sources close to both companies say they have continued to speak despite increasing legal struggles that mostly surround the Google Android OS. Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs claimed Android was a direct ripoff of the Apple iOS. In Steve Jobs’ own words he claimed Android was:

“Wholesale ripped [Apple’s iOS] off,” and that Apple was “willing to go thermonuclear war” to destroy Android.

At this time it’s unclear how patent talks will shape up, some analysts believe the two CEOs will come to an “umbrella” agreement regarding Android OS and Google OS patents.

The Google-Apple patent talks have arrived just after Apple earned a sizeable $1.1 billion court order from Samsung electronics. Apple could use the leverage from that patent case to demand a fair market bargain from Google.

In the meantime Apple continues to remove Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps and other third-party apps from their own smartphones. Google’s well respected line of products powered many basic iOS smartphone features for years.