‘Halo 5’ Forge Used To Recreate ‘Ender’s Game’ Battle Room

The creativity of Halo 5 players continues to put the power of the Xbox One exclusive’s Forge tool to amazing use. Reddit user Aurelien-131 shared a map and game mode based off the zero gravity Battle Room from the Ender’s Game novel and film. The enemy gate is down.

Aurelien has already created a number of maps and game variants he has created in Forge, but the Ender’s Game may be the most unique yet. The map is available to bookmark here so it can be added to your Halo 5 custom games while the game mode is available to bookmark here on the Halo Waypoint site.

For those unfamiliar with the Ender’s Game Battle Room, it was the training ground for children for the International Fleet’s Battle School in Orson Scott Card’s novel. The school was created to train humanity’s best and brightest to command starships in a fight against an insect-like alien race dubbed the “buggers.”

The Battle Room was meant as a training tool to simulate space combat. Two platoons, sometimes more, would enter from gates on opposite sides of the room with the goal of defeating the other side and entering through their gate. The room itself was zero gravity and featured blocks spread throughout to simulate asteroids and/or planets. Meanwhile, the cadets in the Ender’s Game Battle Room were equipped with blasters that froze their jump suits in the places there they were hit.

Halo 5 Battle Room (Xbox One) [Image via Aurelien-131]Aurelien could not build an exact replica of the Battle Room rules and mechanics in Halo 5 Forge combined with the movement mechanics and weapons available in the Xbox One shooter. However, he came up with an interesting variant that manages to capture the spirit of Orson Scott Card’s creation.

“I created a gametype using Strongholds that I think was as close as possible to the real game,” the Forge maker explained. “Players have plasma pistol starts with infinite ammo, and there is of course no gravity.

“My equivalent to going through the enemy gate was to put a stronghold in each base which is captured faster the more players are in the base (your home base will capture almost immediately upon spawns). However it also has a 10 second kill timer, so one person alone cannot capture the base (they’ll die before doing so), two is possible but slow, three will be quick, and four or more will be almost instant. I thought that this was a good enough compromise to how it works in the books since there are far fewer players than the armies in the books. Of course simply killing all opposing players will also win the round. The default setting is best 3 out of 5 rounds to win.”

Using thrusters is recommended to help move around in Halo 5‘s version of the zero gravity Battle Room. Additionally, jumping will make your character go up while ground pounding will provide a quick descent. Players can also zoom in to stabilize their movement to shoot or slowly float down.

Halo 5 Forge Tease A tease of what’s coming to ‘Halo 5’ Forge in the June update. [Image via Halo Waypoint]Aurelian managed to create a stunningly accurate and fun spin on the Battle Room from Ender’s Game. 343 Industries has continued to add more content and options to the Forge tool since it was first added to Halo 5 late last year. The upcoming Warzone Firefight update due at the end of this month will continue to add more. A tease posted to Halo Waypoint on Friday shows what appears to be a golf club, a GRD Armor doll, possibly a new tropical-based Forge map, and potentially an in-game scoreboard or lap counter.

What do you think of the Ender’s Game Battle Room recreated in Halo 5? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Reddit]