Bill Maher Attacks Megyn Kelly: She’s A ‘Coward’

Bill Maher left no doubts where he stood on Megyn Kelly and her now infamous interview with Donald Trump.

On the latest episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the host took aim at the journalistic prowess of the Fox News darling, calling her interview with the GOP front-runner “a profile in cowardice.”

When speaking to his panel of guests, one of said guests, Matt Welch of Reason Magazine, listed a number of journalists who had been capable of holding Trump’s feet to the fire.

Jake Tapert, Anderson Cooper, and Megyn Kelly were the three mentioned, and it was this latter name that found the host grinding his show to a halt.

“Megyn Kelly? Megyn Kelly asked him one tough question at the debate, and then the stupid media anoints her as a genius,” Maher said incredulously. “For months, he’s belittling her, saying she’s on the rag, that she’s a bimbo and her ratings are terrible.”

Then, Maher said, she “begged” him for an interview.

To this, Welch acknowledged that the exclusive interview was pretty much a softball for Trump, but said there were other times when Kelly proved that Trump was out of bounds.

Bill Maher then said that the only thing out of bounds with Megyn was “journalism.”

“You know what was out of bounds? Journalism. It was a profile in cowardice.”

Lately, Maher has taken issue with the media’s handling of Donald Trump and among the chief offenders on Friday night, he named the left-wing network MSNBC, lamenting that they cover him “more than anybody” and treat every word he says “like it’s a papal visit.”

The outpouring from Bill Maher is not a surprise. In recent weeks, he has collaborated with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore in an increasingly desperate attempt to convince the public that they are making a big mistake if they vote for the Donald.

To this point, none of those efforts have proven successful as Trump continues to rise in the polls drawing even with probable Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and, in some cases, besting her.

Meanwhile, a State Department audit of Clinton’s email activities found her in error for using a private server. The audit also revealed numerous inconsistencies between reality and some of the spin HRC has placed on the situation.

On Friday afternoon, former ally and current Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon even said that an indictment of Clinton was inevitable.

While that may not happen, Trump has called for Hillary Clinton to be jailed and said that he would look into criminal charges if he is elected President.

Bill Maher is no supporter of Clinton’s — in fact, he formally endorsed Sanders — but with the Vermont Senator’s chances at the nomination shrinking, the funnyman and political commentator clearly prefers Clinton to the prospects of a Trump presidency.

That has led him to amp up his attacks on the Donald over the last month, admittedly because he now realizes that Trump being elected President isn’t such a farfetched possibility.

Checking out the latest aggregation of polls from throughout the country on Real Clear Politics website, Clinton’s overall lead has shrunk from more than 11 percentage points to just 1.5 since Trump clinched the nomination, a swing of close to 10 percentage points.

It’s possible Clinton could grow some of her support once Sanders concedes (or is defeated at the Democratic National Convention).

However, it’s also worth noting that the RCP average is just 43.8 percent to 42.3 percent as of this post. That leaves a +/- of 13.9 percent, many of whom would skew towards third-party or anti-establishment candidates.

That makes a Trump victory in November much more likely. But what do you think, readers? Is Bill Maher right to be worried, and what do you think of his assessment of Megyn Kelly as a coward? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image of Bill Maher via HBO]