Is Eric Trump His Father’s Cleanup Crew?

Eric Trump certainly believes his father is the best person for the job of president. Unfortunately for him, there are a number of issues demanding attention. One might even say that Eric sometimes is called upon to be a “crime scene cleaner.” His father has been accused of racism, making promises that are impossible to fulfill, and shady, if not fraudulent, business practices. One of the issues threatening to pull Trump Senior down concerns three cases filed against Trump University. Eric backs up his father on a seven-minute interview on Fox. He answers questions about the Trump University case beginning at minute 4:44 on the interview video.

Eric Trump explains why his father will win the case filed against him in court.

“Trump University had a 98 percent rating, 98 percent, meaning that at the end of people taking the courses, people, you know, graded the university and they wrote a little report card about that. And 98 percent overall rating and we actually publicized that on our website. And a few people come back… and people come back after grading it an A+: ‘I loved it.’ ‘I learned so much from it.’ ‘I brought this into my own personal life. It helped me develop as a person.’ ‘It helped me start my first business.’ Etc. etc. And then they come back and say that so, you know, I think we’re going to win in that case. I know we’re going to win that case. You know, we have every single one of those report cards. It just undermines quotes like that. They university did a great job. It did a great thing. It was highly respected.

There’s probably people that go to Harvard and say, ‘Listen, I went to Harvard, I got a great education and I can’t find a job or I didn’t become the success that I could have been. Sure, I mean, you probably have that at every major university. Trump University had a 98 percent approval rating.”

Will Eric Trump’s support be enough to sway voters? It would certainly help if Trump could make the case go away. But the time for settling has passed. Trump Senior says he will fight the lawsuits brought against Trump University, even if that means using up all the profits he gained from it from 2005 to 2010, its years of operation. The CNN video discussing the lawsuit declares that these profits reach $40 million. If true, then that would represent a hefty legal fee.

Donald Trump attracted students to Trump University by promising success:

“At Trump University we teach success. That’s what it’s all about — success. It’s going to happen to you.”

He should have known that it is risky to promise success to all of your students. If, as Erick Trump said in his interview with Fox News, even Harvard cannot guarantee that all of its alumni will find jobs, then Donald should have known not to promise anything more than providing the tools for success.

Three of Trump University’s former students back up Eric’s declarations that his father ran a legitimate business. However, all three apparently have relationships with Donald. Kent Moyer seems to have attended Wharton University, as did Trump Senior and some of his children. Casey Hogan sells his drink product to Trump’s restaurant and golf course businesses. Michelle Gunn’s son’s book was endorsed by Donald Trump.

Eric Trump is certainly not the only offspring campaigning for a parent. Candidates’ children have featured prominently in the current election campaigns. Cute kids, such as Bernie Sander’s grandchildren, Ted Cruise’s two young girls, and John Kasich’s twin teenage daughters, all found their way into the public eye. Adult children, however, can play a more active role, and we have seen Chelsea, Hillary Clinton’s only child, and Donald Trump’s adult children openly joining the campaign efforts. Eric seems to be the most active of the Trump kids.

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