‘Destiny: Rise Of Iron’ Trailer The Latest Leak, Gjallarhorn Returns

Yet another Destiny: Rise of Iron leak landed Thursday morning. This time it is the trailer for the next expansion to Bungie’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One shooter, and it may just leave you wondering if all these leaks are intentional.

The Destiny: Rise of Iron trailer was leaked via a SnapChat video and uploaded to YouTube by user Jhairehmyah. The nearly two minute trailer confirms most of what was revealed by yesterday’s leak to the New Zealand Xbox Store, with the added bonus of the return of Gjallarhorn. This follows the leak yesterday that revealed the expansion’s September 20 release date.

The Exotic Rocket Launcher will return for Year Three of Destiny after originally being left behind when The Taken King signaled the start of Year Two. Bungie deemed the Gjallarhorn as too powerful because it could quite literally be used to break boss fights during story missions, Strikes, the Raid, and Prison of Elders. The weapon was shelved due to its overwhelming power, so it will be interesting to see what tweaks the developer makes to bring it in line.

The Gjallarhorn will be offered to anyone who pre-orders Destiny: Rise of Iron. The “back in black” version of the weapon is not just given to players, though. You will have to complete an in-game quest to receive it. What the steps in the quest entails remains to be seen.

Here is the official description for Destiny: Rise of Iron.

“Destiny: Rise of Iron is the next highly anticipated expansion to the Destiny universe. The wall which stood for centuries along the southern border of Old Russia has collapsed. Fallen mutants now scavenge the tombs of the Golden Age, and the plague they have unearthed in the wastes is more dangerous than even they understand. Join Lord Saladin. Journey into the Plaguelands. Learn the fate of the Iron Lords and stop the growing threat before it is too late.”

The trailer shows the new content for Rise of Iron is set almost exclusively on Earth. Meanwhile, the cause of the plague might be a rampant Warmind, similar to the Warmind Rasputin featured in the Destiny lore. You can see the Guardians venturing into a bunker which resembles the one that houses Rasputin, but corrupted and diseased somehow.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid (PS4, Xbox One)Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid (PS4, Xbox One)

According to the leak, Destiny: Rise of Iron includes a new story campaign and quests, a new Strike and Raid with new bosses, the new Plaguelands Zone, and a new Social space. You can catch glimpses of all of this in the trailer, including what looks like the Strike boss and the Raid boss. The Raid will be of most interest to dedicated Destiny players, as it looks like jumping puzzles return, it takes place around the wall of The Last City, and the one of the bosses is a massive war machine.

There is, of course, new armor and weapons. The trailer shows new duds for the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, plus a new Fusion Rifle and Scout Rifle. The giant flaming axe that Lord Saladin wields can also be seen to be used by Guardians. It appears this will join the sword as a new melee weapon.

Bungie plans a full reveal of Destiny: Rise of Iron during a Twitch livestream today, Thursday, June 9, at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT. It will be interesting to see how the developer responds to all the leaks over the past week or if they respond at all. Meanwhile, those still playing on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be curious to know if the game is finally leaving last-gen behind.

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[Image via YouTube/Bungie]