Cary Deuber Has Some Words For LeeAnne Locken As Feud Rages On

Cary Deuber seems to be the kind of person who could easily ignore you if you did her wrong. She doesn’t seem to care too much about issues in friendships or even in social circles, and she will continue to ignore those who do her wrong.

That is apparent on The Real Housewives of Dallas, as Deuber doesn’t seem too eager to make peace with LeeAnne Locken. Many of Cary’s co-stars have decided to make peace with Locken so they can be at social events without worrying about LeeAnne throwing a drink at them. But Cary doesn’t seem too eager to make peace with her co-star, as she’s very hurt over her behavior.

According to a new Bravo report, Cary Deuber is now revealing that she doesn’t quite understand why her friends decided to forgive Locken so quickly. Stephanie Hollman had given her a chance to apologize and then attended one of her speaking gigs to support her. Stephanie reveals that she did start seeing a very different side of Locken, as she opened up about being abandoned and molested as a child.

“LeeAnne gave a keynote speech at the Grace Project charity for women living with HIV that was actually pretty darn good. It was heartfelt and inspirational…a different side of her than any of us have seen so far. I think she did a really good job,” Cary Deuber reveals, sharing that LeeAnne showed a different side of her during the speech, but that doesn’t mean she can forgive her co-star and move on.

Deuber was very upset with her co-star, as she and her friend decided to talk about Cary’s marriage during a party. Apparently, Locken and her friend Heidi Dillon thought it would be funny to talk about Cary’s marriage and indulge in the rumors that Deuber’s husband, Mark, had been married when they met. Cary could see right through them, and she decided to leave the party behind in favor of going home to her husband. So, Cary Deuber was surprised that her friends were so quick to forgive their co-star, as she wants to see plenty of effort from Locken in order to forgive her.

“Watching the episode, I’m bummed that LeeAnne and Tiffany seemed to think my outfit and I were not in the spirit of the party. Frankly, I still don’t see it. I was actually super excited that I could wear my dress from my wedding reception instead of having to go find a costume; and I knew Mark could come up with something really dapper. The only thing I was a little hesitant about was that everyone had been fighting with LeeAnne and our last interaction was so weird. I had some cocktails and got over it fairly quickly. I was surprised that everyone seemed to have made up so easily. That’s great and all, but for me it takes a lot more than just a simple sorry to earn my trust and respect,” Cary Deuber explains in her Bravo blog.

During the episode, Locken revealed that she had been molested, abused and abandoned as a child. Viewers may have felt sympathy for her, as she does have an interesting personality. But Deuber doesn’t seem convinced and wants to see a big effort in order to forgive and move on. And that may be a lot to ask for, especially when it comes to this Real Housewives of Dallas star.

What do you think of Cary Deuber’s decision to keep her distance from LeeAnne? Do you think she’s too tough on her co-star, or do you think she needs to stand her ground?

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