LAPD Officers Allegedly Body Slam Nurse During Traffic Stop, Then Celebrates With Fist Pump [Video]

Los Angeles, CA – LAPD officers were allegedly caught on video “bodyslamming” a nurse two times during a cell phone related traffic stop. Michelle Jordan, 34, “mouthed off” to the Los Angeles police officers who pulled her over, according to her attorney, but the lawyer does not feel the angry words deserved physical punishment, the New York Daily News notes.

LAPD administrators are currently investigating the two officers who allegedly body slammed Michelle Jordan to the pavement and then reportedly fist pumped in celebration afterwards. Michelle Jordan was pulled over while driving northeast of Los Angeles in Tujunga. The LA nurse reportedly pulled into a Del Taco restaurant parking lot, got out of her vehicle, and confronted the police officers for pulling her over.

Surveillance video from the Los Angeles Del Taco restaurant appears to show both LAPD officers forcefully pulling Michelle Jordan from the driver’s seat and bodyslamming her to the ground. Once the 5-foot-4-inch tall nurse was on the ground, the Los Angeles police officers are shown handcuffing her, jerking her upright, and then patting her down.

Michelle Jordan, a married mother, was allegedly slammed to the pavement a second time by one of the Los Angeles police officers, according to surveillance video footage. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck noted in a media release that the Del Taco restaurant video prompted him to have “serious concerns” about the use of force in the Michelle Jordan cell phone traffic stop.

“We will investigate this thoroughly and hold our officers accountable for their actions,” Chief Charlie Beck stated during an interview with KABC-TV.

The names of the LAPD officers shown allegedly bodyslamming Michelle Jordan have not yet been released. The officers were placed on desk duty pending the completion of a full investigation. One officer is a 20-year veteran and the other is a probationary officer who has been on the Los Angeles police force for 10 months. Michelle Jordan is reportedly considering a lawsuit against the LAPD for the alleged unnecessary roughness.