Stephanie Hollman Talks Changes In Her Marriage: ‘It Has Been A Struggle At Times’

Stephanie Hollman is one of the happier housewives on The Real Housewives of Dallas, but it sounds like she’s gone through some troubles over the years. Fans are seeing how her marriage is pretty much run by her husband, Travis Hollman. He controls everything, including how Stephanie manages the home and how she’s spending her time during the day. During one of the very first episodes, Hollman reveals that she gets a list from her husband of things she needs to do in the home while he’s working.

According to a new Bravo report, Stephanie Hollman is now revealing that she has had her ups and downs in her marriage. Stephanie admits that she has struggled in her marriage, especially since Travis really likes to be in control of everything. On last night’s episode, Stephanie Hollman reveals that Travis tries to micromanage everything, including planning everything out for his own birthday party. Hollman proposed that her husband needed to take some steps back and let her control some aspects of their lives together.

“The decision to talk with Travis about his micromanaging the house was a difficult but good decision. I know how hard it will be for him, but do love that he heard me and is willing to change. Communication is important to both of us but sometimes I hold back and don’t ask for what I want or need. I recognize that I cannot expect change if I don’t ask for it. We were raised very differently and it has been a struggle at times to understand each other’s styles and ways of thinking. However, marriage is about balance of giving and taking, striving to understand differences and celebrating successes. This was a success,” Stephanie Hollman reveals in her blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas.

While she admits that it has been tough sometimes, it sounds like he may have given her more freedom to make decisions. It was a bit too much that Travis wanted to be so involved in his own birthday planning, especially since Stephanie really wanted the party to be a surprise. But she did learn that he wanted her to jump out of a big cake in a bikini and sing “happy birthday” for him.

Stephanie Hollman really didn’t want to have any drama at her birthday party for her husband and her friend, Brandi Redmond, understood her desire to have a party that was drama-free. So she took the initiative to sit down with LeeAnne Locken to work out their issues, so it wouldn’t come up again at the birthday party.

But Cary Deuber didn’t quite understand why her friends were so forgiving when it came to LeeAnne. Of course, Cary had been the target of Locken on the previous episode, as she had brought up the rumors about Deuber ruining a marriage when she met her current husband. She has explained what happened in her own blog, but some people around Dallas really like to talk about rumors. And Stephanie reveals that she wanted to make peace and settle the drama once and for all, even if Cary doesn’t understand.

“When Cary said that Brandi and I fell for LeeAnne hook, line and sinker, I was not upset. I have mixed emotions over LeeAnne. Cary was hurt by being treated poorly at the Goth party. She was protecting herself, Brandi and I. I agree with Cary in that friendship and trust are earned. I was starting to reconsider trusting LeeAnne, but Cary was in a different place,” Stephanie Hollman reveals in her blog, sharing that she does respect her co-star’s position about forgiving LeeAnne Locken.

What do you think of Stephanie Hollman’s marriage? Are you surprised that she takes orders from her husband?

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