Exclusive: Secret Canadian Government Documents show US/CA UFO Coverup

After the Inquisitr covered an incident earlier this week where an Unidentified Flying Object crashed into the Ottawa River near Ottawa, Ontario Canada, we received a mysterious email from someone in possession of thousands of previously classified Canadian government documents revealing how the government would deal with the UFO phenomenon should one land on Canadian soil.

The sender of this email attached several samples of said documents and if you’ve wondered why the governments of the United States and Canada never publicly acknowledge the existence of UFOs, it’s because Canada has followed in the footsteps of the US and opted to cover up or downplay such incidents.

Below is a screenshot of one of the documents. Note the second picture where section 5 is highlighted.



On April 19, 1950, recommendations were drawn up by Canada’s Director of Scientific Intelligence at the time, A. J. G. Langly, for debriefing questionaires to be handed out by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in the event someone reported a UFO sighting to them.

Section 5. of that document above states:

“5. You might also consider it advisable to add that should the Flying Saucer actually make a landing on Canadian territory, the nearest RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) Command should be advised immediately by telegram or something of the sort.”

The reply to that first letter is below. Read it carefully and also the notes following.


“The present USAF policy is to play down the subject, investigating only when considered necessary by the area commander without any special arrangements for reporting or investigation.

2. It seems that a similar policy on our part would be wise and that it would be undesirable to produce a special questionnaire or make any arrangements for investigation since this would give publicity to the matter. It is suggested therefore that sighting reports should not be solicited and such as pro-volunteered should be passed to DSI for retention and further notion only if further notion seems necessary.

3. It may perhaps be advisable to have this matter brought up in committee so that an official decision can be taken.”

The recommendations state that USAF (United States Air Force) policy at the time was to play down UFO sightings, and that the Canadian RCMP should not have a questionaire for people who report such sightings because collecting information would draw publicity to the matter. However, if someone submitted their own written statement of a sighting to police, it should be accepted but passed on to another organization to decide whether or not to investigate.

This is just the first sample of these declassified documents. The Inquisitr will have more in this series as we obtain more information from our source. Stay tuned and remember to look up now and then. You never know what you’ll see.