Apple Watch 2 Will Be Released In June According To Questionable Sources

Some Internet sites, none of which are usually considered an authority when it comes to Apple, are claiming that the new Apple Watch may see a June release. Yibada says the new Watch may be released as early as next week.

“Apple Watch 2 release is reportedly happening next week as the original model of the device received Memorial Day discount. Electronics retailer Best Buy offers $200 discount on Apple Watch, although the discount is available only to the standard stainless steel model and has limited sports band options. Thus, consumers can get the Apple Watch ranging from $349 to $399.”

Apple Watch 2
A discount on the Apple Watch doesn't necessarily mean a new one is coming. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Many have noted now and in the past that a discount doesn’t necessarily mean a new product is coming. It could mean, as Inquisitr reported a couple weeks back, that the Watch isn’t as successful as Apple had anticipated.

“There was a lot of hype for the Apple Watch in early 2015. It was supposed to be the device that changed our wrists forever. It was supposed to be the device that changed the way we think about mobile technology.”

There was some backlash to the article from diehard Apple fans, even though the article quoted legit sources. Tech Times even noted that the Watch wasn’t a huge hit.

“Circling back to the here and now, there has been talk suggesting the Apple Watch is a flop. And it is. The Apple Watch is a flop in that it failed to live up to some of the loftier of predictions and the castles of air built on them,” claimed columnist Quinten Plummer.

The article did add that in terms of being special and taking the lead in the smartwatch market, the Apple Watch may not be such a flop. Plummer said that even though the Watch has been losing steam, Apple is currently working to finish a follow-up that will launch later this year. Despite criticism, the Watch is still commanding 52 percent of the smartwatch market share.

Apple Watch Update
Apple Watch fans are offended when people say the Watch has been a flop. [Photo via Daryl Deino]

Still, some of the commenters after the article on the Inquisitr that quoted Tech Times weren’t convinced the Watch was unsuccessful.

“If the Apple Watch is a flop and it’s the best selling smart watch on the market…. What do you label the other smart watches? This is the irony I keep seeing from all the people claiming it to be a dud or flop. How can you be the worst and the best at the same time? How can you sell more than any other smart watch has sold and be a failure or a flop?” asked Pastor Keithron Powell.

“I see someone wearing an Apple Watch every day. I also own one and at least once a week I get someone asking ‘Is that an Apple Watch?'” claims Brett Yanoski.

The Apple Watch still has a lot of lovers on Twitter.

Though the first version of the Apple Watch failed to make smartwatches mainstream, nobody should count out Apple. The iPod, iPhone, iPad, and even the MacBook Air weren’t considered fully usable until their second generation. The next Apple Watch could make a huge impact, but don’t expect the new Watch to be released in June like some sites are claiming.

[Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]