Texas Mother Loses Her Leg Saving Her Infant Son, Baby Unharmed Thanks To Mother's Instincts

Tara West

A Texas mother used her own body to create a human cocoon to shield her infant son as the pair fell 30-feet from a bridge after being struck by a vehicle. The mother was involved in a minor fender bender atop a Texas highway bridge. As the mother attempted to remove her infant son from his car seat to take him to a safe place to wait for help, an out-of-control vehicle hit the mother sending her flying over the bridge with her son still in her arms. The mother immediately placed her body around her son in a bid to protect him from the impact. Her efforts worked, and the baby was completely unharmed during the 30-foot fall. However, mother Jennifer Duncan sustained severe injuries and was forced to have her leg amputated.

The Daily Mail reports that a mother sacrificed her own well-being for that of her infant son when they were thrown over a bridge in Texas. The mother, 23-year-old Jennifer Duncan, was driving her 8-month-old son Daniel to daycare in Waco, Texas, when she was involved in a minor accident. The fender bender took place on a busy bridge so Jennifer quickly exited the vehicle and unstrapped her son Daniel from the backseat of the car. As the mother attempted to find a safe place to stand away from the accident, another driver coming down the highway lost control of their vehicle and collided with another car who had also pulled over on the side of the road during the accident. As the vehicle's collided, the previously parked vehicle hit Jennifer and sent her flying over the 30-foot-tall bridge.

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"I just remember praying, 'God, please don't let my baby die'. It was the scariest thing you can possibly imagine. I'm just thankful my son is still alive."

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"'You know Jennifer is a remarkable young lady and that she was able to again, whether by instinct or conscious decision totally forgo her own safety to protect that baby is remarkable."

With medical bills expected to top $1 million and Jennifer requiring help to care for baby Daniel, the family has set up a GoFundMe page in a bid to help cover some of the costs associated with Jennifer's care.

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