June 29, 2017
Calling All 'Fallout 4' Modders: Submit Your Mod And Win A Custom Fallout 4 PC

When Bethesda released Fallout 4 with the blessing for mods, the whole gaming community rejoiced. It was a groundbreaking step for Fallout 4 devs to release a game and give the modding community the go-signal to tweak and play around with the mechanics of their title. This has propelled Fallout 4 to becoming one of the most appreciated and well-loved titles of the year (yes, Rockstar, your GTA is now a thing of the past).

We welcome the news that this coming week, Fallout 4 mods are finally coming to the Xbox One. It has been a couple of months already since Fallout 4 released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and since last week, Fallout 4 mods have been going through beta testing on the Xbox One platform. When the Fallout 4 mods finally become available to Xbox One users this coming Tuesday, as previously reported by Inquisitr, this will mark the first time that latest-gen console owners will be able to download and install mods on their systems. In fact, it's so legit that Fallout players can actually load the Fallout 4 mods they are downloading right on the game menu.

Do note, however, that there is a 2GB limit of Fallout 4 mods that can be downloaded on the Xbox One, so choose wisely.

But let's get back to the reason you're here. If you're a modder who has created an awesome mod for Fallout 4 players, then there is a chance you can get your own custom Fallout PC for you to concoct all your nefarious Fallout 4 modding schemes.

NVIDIA GeForce, a brand of graphics processing units (GPUs) created by company NVIDIA, is hosting a special Fallout 4 modders-only contest. Even Bethesda is excited about this contest, so all the more reason to join!The contest is basically open for everyone who has created or invented, so to speak, a Fallout 4 mod that levels up the fun and gaming experience of Fallout 4 players. The contest mechanics read as follows.

STEP 1: Download and use the Fallout 4 Creation Kit Mod tools to create a Mod that best meets the judging criteria as described below.STEP 2: Upload your Mod, along with a screenshot and or video of how it works, to Bethesda.net.STEP 3: Once uploaded, submit your official entry form below, along with a screenshot of your Mod, YouTube link, description, and your Bethesda.net Mod URL.

Fallout 4 mod creators will have four categories to choose from when entering the contest.

  • Status: Mods manipulating the way things work in the game, like dialogue, audio mods, patches, UI changes, and Utilities
  • Inventory: Mods based around creating weapons, enhancements to existing weapons, apparel, aids/chems, miscellaneous items, and more
  • Data: Mods focusing on new quests and Fallout 4's Workshop mode
  • Map: Mods featuring new environmental elements— new towns, cities, vegetation, environmental art, and more
Judges at NVIDIA will judge the Fallout 4 creations based on these criteria: Originality and creativity, overall graphical or functional quality and polish, and entertainment value or "how fun is it to play?" They will then select the top five mods for each category and all 20 Fallout 4 mod creations will move on to the public voting stage to determine the winner.

Take note, this contest is still open for submissions until July 3, 2016, so you still have plenty of time to work out your Fallout 4 mod's quirks and bugs. By July 11, NVIDIA will have chosen the 20 Fallout 4 mod finalists, and the public voting will commence.

So, what are the stakes? Well, getting to the top 20 final list will already earn you a special Bethesda Gift bag and an amazing GeForce® GTX GPU. The four first place category winners will receive $5,000 in hard cold cash, a Bethesda Gift bag, and a GeForce® GTX GPU.

Exciting Fallout 4 and NVIDIA prizes await the winner
Exciting Fallout 4 and NVIDIA prizes await the winner [Image via NVIDIA]The grand prize, which will be bestowed to the best, most amusing, and well-made Fallout 4 mod deemed by the NVIDIA judges and the Fallout 4 gaming community, will be given a huge check for $10,000 cash, a heart-stopping Fallout 4 custom PC (time to ditch your old boring PC!) and exclusive engineering support from NVIDIA. How awesome is that?

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Do you have the best Fallout 4 mod? Good luck and see you in the wasteland!

[Image via NVIDIA]