‘Bracelet Nails’ Are A Hot Sensation [Photos]

As nail sensations go, bracelet nails are proving to be the latest trend emerging online. However, unlike weird-looking or dangerous nail trends — such as the scorpion manicure trend with real scorpions, as reported by the Inquisitr — bracelet nails are a trend that appears pretty and safe.

On Instagram, the bracelet nails hashtag already has 150 posts. As seen in the photos below of the bracelet nails trend, the nails are decorated — in some instances — to look as if they are wearing friendship bracelets.

The bracelet nails trend comes out of Korea, and folks around the world are emulating the look and showing off their results on social media. As seen in the next Instagram photo that comes with the bracelet nails hashtag, sometimes the bracelet look is mimicked with streaks of paint.


Other times, people decorate their nails with jewels to portray the look of tiny and intricate bracelets adorning their nails. Bracelet nails aren’t just a design for the fingernails, as social media photos like the next one prove that some people are adapting the bracelet nails trend and using it for their toe nail decoration as well.


While plenty of bracelet nails manicure and pedicure photos can be found on Instagram, there aren’t many — if any — bracelet nails DIY tutorials on Instagram. A search for bracelet nails tutorials on YouTube prove that not many folks have begun to create the DIY videos on the trend yet, as of this writing.

However, the bracelet nails trend doesn’t necessarily seem like a difficult one to emulate — it merely seems time-consuming. With some of the bracelet nails manicures appearing as if they contain thread and small jewels or beads, it is conceivable that one could wrap the thread around their entire nail to cut down on the time of creating the look of the bracelet nails.

For example, a person could thread small and decorative beads onto sections of red thread. First, laying down a base of clear nail polish or nail glue atop a clean nail would be in order. Next, wrapping the thread loosely around the entire top of the finger in a decorative pattern to secure the thread to the nail would help to adhere the thread to the glue. Another coat of clear nail polish or nail glue could be brushed atop the thread and nail jewels. After the concoction dries, the wearer could carefully cut away the portions of the thread that aren’t adhered to the nail, hoping the manicure would last throughout washing dishes and a plethora of other activities.

The bracelet nails trend joins other beauty trends that made their presence known in 2016, such as eyebrow etching and pom-pom nails, as reported by the Inquisitr. The pom-pom nails came with the same worries that viewers of the furry “fur nails” trend expressed, which found folks asking what to do if those materials got wet. The bracelet nails trend seems to include materials that for the most part wouldn’t be harmed much by moisture.

Unlike the squareletto nails trend, with straight-edged square nails meeting the stiletto nails trend, bracelet nails don’t necessarily come with long or sharp edges. Instead, plenty of the bracelet nails are shown on shorter nails, or atop acrylic nails without harsh points.

Whether the bracelet nails trend will grow as large as the marble nails trend, with more than 31,000 posts on Instagram, remains to be seen.

As reported by the Daily Mail, bracelet nails can take several hours to create — but that time commitment likely won’t stop artistic folks from trying their hands at creating their own pretty renditions of bracelet nails at home.

[Image via Shutterstock]