Squareletto Nails: When Straight-Edged Square Nails Meet Stiletto Manicures

Squareletto nails are growing in popularity. Back in August 2015, the hashtag “squareletto nails” only had approximately 1,500 posts on Instagram, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now, the hashtag #squarelettonails enjoys 2,355 posts on Instagram, with the #squareletto label enjoying 6,858 posts on Instagram as of this writing.

As reported by InStyle, the squareletto nails mix the best of the stiletto manicure style minus the pointy and harmful-looking sharp end of a stiletto nail. The square shape at the end of squareletto nails are coupled with the length that’s normally reserved for stiletto nails. Instead of a claw at the end of the squareletto nails — that seems pretty intimidating to pull off, witness and wear — the new version of the manicure offers a safe alternative.

Some of the squareletto nail photos being featured on social media display squareletto manicures with solid colors, while others feature a wide variety of wild styles with varying hues and designs.

On Instagram, #manimondays is a popular hashtag, which shows folks showing off their fresh manicures on Mondays and boasts 7,673 posts on currently on Instagram under that hashtag. Squareletto nails are showing up as a more popular option for manicures.

Instead of a stiletto tip with a sharp ending, or a truly round ending, the squareletto nails are being called a style of manicure that makes them easier to wear in everyday life. Squareletto nails allow their wearers to transition from their jobs to their evenings out, since they are more practical to wear than stiletto nails. There isn’t much worry of impaling someone or poking an eye with squareletto nails in the same manner that stiletto nails are dangerous.

Squareletto nails are especially practical for more conservative workplaces in general. The length of the squareletto nails means that most folks who sport the style will have to add length to their natural nails by using gel nail extensions or acrylic tips that have been filed to a straight-edged square shape.

The squareletto nail can be obtained at nail spas, or creative and bold wearers can attempt to do their own squareletto nails by checking out squareletto tutorials on YouTube.

Some of the most popular squareletto nails on Instagram contain manicures that add accents to the nails, like pearls or crystals glued atop the nails. Others feature a matte-style nail color with at least one accent nail of a different color or style in their squareletto manicures.

Squareletto nails are also very similar to so-called “coffin nails,” a style of manicure that also has a long length that thins out toward the ends of the nails. Either way, the coffin or squareletto nails are being called safer than the ultra-sharp stiletto nails.

Squareletto nails show up under hashtags like “squarelettos” and “sculpturednails,” with the #sculpturednails hashtag containing 32,611 posts on Instagram.

Plenty of the squareletto nails combine other nail trends, like the ombre nail trend that shows one color gently fading into another color along the nail’s length. Since squareletto nails require lots of length, there’s plenty of room to play around with the long surfaces of the nails.

Certain creations show outrageous additions on the squareletto nails, like see-through tips and glitter.

The squareletto nails trend proves that those who create the nails and sport them can get very creative with the intricate details seen on some of the nails.

As is common on social media, folks are using their beautiful squareletto nail creations to prove they have the skills to design the trendy nails in their own gorgeous ways.

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