Wild 2015 Nail Trends: Bubble, Hump, Stilletto, Aquarium Nails Fill Instagram

With the advent of social media, it has become easier for users to share beauty trends. As such, it’s also easier for folks to discover the newest trends, such as bubble nails. As reported by Today Style, bubble nails aren’t the only new, wild, and wonderful beauty trend filling the pages of Instagram.

However, bubble nails are commanding Instagram with more than 2,200 photos of the strange, bubbly trend filling the social media site. Beyond photos of beauty fans uploading their own bubble nail images are those memes that criticize the trend.


Also called hump nails, certain bubble nails appear more bulbous than others.

While standard Instagram hashtags claim more popularity, such as the #nails tag commanding more than 45 million posts, more detailed Instagram posts hashtags such as #acrylicnails command 790,469 posts. Gel nails are also pretty common, along with the ombre nail trend that’s been alive for some time now, and commands more than 178,000 photos on Instagram.

An oddly-shaped creation named #squarelettonails has garnered 1,558 posts thus far on Instagram.

Another big creation making buzz are #aquariumnails, with the 853 posts on Instagram thus far displaying just how creative folks can get with glitter, shells, oil, and acrylic.


Ice cream nails are another creation filling social media with delectable-looking treats spelled out in intricate details on nails. Nearly 5,000 photos are tagged with the #icecreamnails hashtag. Under each of the categories, some users have uploaded instructional tutorial videos.


Certain nail trends represent various locales, such as Detroit nails. Others celebrate events or holidays, such as “Canada Day” nails. Tags such as #singaporenails (with 4,283 posts and going) prove an amazing level of detail.


As for #watermelonnails, the 11,165 posts that fall under that category are exactly as one would suspect — filled with nails painted and designed to look like the fruit. Black seeds, red watermelon flesh of the fruit’s meat, along with green rinds are the hallmarks of those photos.


A huge and seemingly dangerous trend called #stilettonails continues with 337,425 posts, showing the supremely sharp pointed nails in all their scary glory.


As reported by the Inquisitr, it’s not merely nail trends that can be uncovered via viral Instagram tags. Photos from the newly allowed social media savvy White House tour are also filling Instagram, as tourists have been allowed to take photos in the White House and share them via social media for the first time in 40 years.

[Images via Instagram/Nails Magazine]

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