Marble Nails Have 31,000+ Instagram Posts – How To Create The New And Pretty Nail Trend

There’s a pretty new trend growing on social media, and it’s called marble nails, as reported by Today. Like any great beauty trend, there are plenty of visual photos on Instagram to show folks the marble nails trend up close. The #marblenails hashtag already has 31,653 posts attributed to it on Instagram, which is the sure sign of the nail trend growing more popular. And, as a trend like marble nails grows more popular, so do the do-it-yourself type of videos showing fashionistas how to create their own marble nails.

That above video is pretty fascinating; it shows anyone how to create the stunning, sweeping look on nails without actually polishing the marble-like design onto the nails. Instead, a variety of colors are mixed into a bowl and the fingers dipped into the bowl. Then the excess paint is peeled off the fingers, leaving a truly gorgeous design.

Prior to marble nails being the next big thing, there were wild nail trends, like bubble nails, taking over social media. Also reported by Today Style, bubble nails used to be the hot new thing, but bubble nails have only grown on Instagram from around 2,200 photos to approximately 3,300 photos tagged with that hashtag. Apparently, folks are finding marble nails prettier and more desirable than the odd, bubbly and puffy bubble nails. Although one “water marble nails” YouTube video shown below has been online since 2011, the marble nails trend is just catching on online.

While plenty of YouTube videos show fashionistas how to create the marble nails, Elite Daily also describes several variations of making marble nails. The DIY tutorials show how to place water and nail polish in a bowl, and to pull a pin or object through the colors to make a design, and then dip nails into that mixture to create the marble look on nails. If that seems too complicated, users can also polish their nails with the colors and drag a pin through the colors to create a marbled look.

As seen on Instagram, some people use the literal colors of marble, such as black, white and gray, in order to truly mimic the look of real marble. Others use whatever colors they desire to create their marble look. Some of the marble nail looks include an accent nail that’s a different color from the marbled nails, while others include all marble nails on 10 fingernails.

Certain photos showing off the marble nails trend are truly inspiring and creative, as they show the exact colors and brands of nail polish used to recreate the trend. Beyond the black, white and gray colors, plenty of purple hues and other striking colors really highlight the marble nails trend.

As seen in the following photo by InStyle, marble nails don’t necessitate matching or coordinated colors. Sometimes using colors that are a wide variety of shades can product just as beautiful — if not more gorgeous — results.

The marble nails trend is often combined with other popular nail looks, such as placing the marble look on a portion of the nail, and adding stones or other designs to other portions of the nail.

On Instagram, user described her love of the marble nails trend.

“I’ve just been so into doing my nails lately for some reason. I used to hate it so much but now I’ve been doing them nonstop! Marble nails have been so popular lately, so I tried my hand at a blue and lavender marble nail.”

Various marble nail looks sport more black in some versions.

Whereas, some marble nail looks don’t contain any black nail polish at all.

[Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]

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