One Direction: A New Hope From Simon Cowell and Smiles From Some Members

Plutarc Sicat

One Direction will definitely have a reunion soon, according to Teen Vogue. It looks like the source was able to grab a hold of Simon Cowell, aka Uncle Simon, in order to receive a more substantial update regarding the popular boy band's extended hiatus. It was in March when Uncle Simon dropped the bomb that he has nothing much to say to One Direction fans regarding the matter.

To cut the story short, Cowell said in March that One Direction members have never had any substantial time away from the public eye. He admonished fans to let the band members enjoy their well-deserved big break after working non-stop for five years. This time around, May 27 to be precise, Simon says he's pretty sure that the boys will be back together eventually. And that's to allay fears that the group could be on the verge of breaking up.

"They're all doing their own thing at the moment. Harry's doing a movie. Liam is now dating Cheryl and he's writing songs for some of our artists. Louis, I saw a couple weeks ago. He did something with me recently on the show, which will come out. Niall, I got a text from last night. So, everyone's in a good place."

Not wanting to put fan spirits down, especially after having lifted it up a bit. Still, it is worth mentioning the big difference between reunion and reuniting. A reunion is usually construed as a one-time regathering for the purpose of relishing or celebrating a group or an organization's achievements. On the other hand, reuniting is coming back together in a back-to-work fashion as in, get back to work, One Direction.

What makes this timely update a triple more interesting is the smile caught from the faces of some One Direction members as they go about their own business lately.

To illustrate, Unreality TV caught "One Direction star Louis Tomlinson all smiles with Danielle Campbell!"

The source explains what makes these smiles very special as follows.

"Which makes a very nice change, because of course, given that press photographs are – right now at least, during One Direction's hiatus – the only ones we get to see of Louis, the fact that he's always glowering in them gives the overall impression that he's miserable and permanently angry."

In the words of Unreality TV: "And unsurprisingly, generous One Direction fans have rushed to buy it, and at the time of writing, 3,560 of the white T-shirts have been sold, but the black version has proved particularly popular with sales of 7,646."

Niall Horan extends his wholehearted thanks to all One Direction fans for their support. Just a few days ago, Horan suffered the worst possible trolling from what he confirmed to be non-fans of 1D. Niall's happy composure these days is definitely a step in the right direction.

What we know about Niall's whereabouts, aside from his charity work, is that he is going to backpack to Thailand for another memorable vacation. But of course, he continues to be the new face of golf.

And for those who managed to miss Harry Styles' new hairdo, here it is. The heartthrob has traded his curly blonde locks for a crew cut in lieu of his performance in the new flick, Dunkirk.