WWE Rumors, Spoilers: John Cena Returns On ‘Raw’ And Money In The Bank Gets Another Participant

Memorial Day is going to turn into an all-out brawl on Monday Night Raw as it will signify the return to the ring of the one and only John Cena. As of now, that is what the show is being centered around, but fans aren’t sure just who he will target or if rumors of him immediately winning a title will turn out to be true. There is a lot more happening, and some more speculation has something big coming from WWE hatching from behind the door.

WWE has been teasing that something big was coming and on Saturday, they posted a third cryptic tweet. It certainly appears as if it’s going to be the return of The Wyatt Family as Bray Wyatt tweeted out about #TheReturn shortly after WWE’s recent post.

The preview for Monday Night Raw was posted on the official WWE website, and it details the main points for this week’s show. While Cena is the focus, there is a lot more going on and that includes the build-up to Money in the Bank.

What does John Cena have planned for his return?

A lot of new names have debuted on WWE’s main roster since John Cena went out due to injury and surgery back in late January. Now, the face of WWE is coming back and it’s going to be interesting to see who exactly he has his sights set on.

When it comes to John Cena, though, it’s usually someone else that is targeting him and he likely won’t have to look far for a fight.

Will former ‘brothers’ collide?

Seth Rollins returned from injury a week ago and he already has a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match coming up against Roman Reigns. The former brothers of The Shield will collide, but will Rollins be able to get back the title he never actually lost?

WWE is teasing that these two will mix it up on Monday, and they probably will have a number of interactions before Money in the Bank. The thing is, WWE is planning on stretching this feud out for a while as Cageside Seats reports it is set to last through the coming months and into SummerSlam.

Can The Showoff out-grapple The Lone Wolf?

This is one of the longest running feuds in WWE right now, and they’ve had a number of matches against one another. Both have seen the brutal side of one another, but Dolph Ziggler doesn’t believe that Baron Corbin has what it takes to win a technical wrestling match.

Ziggler is hoping his NCAA wrestling training will shine forth against Corbin who is a certified brawler, and one that knows how to inflict pain.

wwe rumors spoilers john cena return monday night raw money in the bank seth rollins roman reigns
What’s going through Charlotte’s mind?

Last week on Raw, Charlotte decided to get rid of the man who has helped her along the way – her father, Ric Flair. She has since partnered up with Dana Brooke and formed a duo that looks to take and keep control of the WWE women’s division, but they may have someone new step up and test their power.

Is Dudleyville ‘S.A.W.F.T.’?

The Dudley Boyz are done with the team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass, but they’re going to give them a fight anyway. Amore returned from injury last week and Bubba Ray Dudley was immediately fed to Big Cass in a match that saw the big man win in an impressive fashion.

Now, the Dudleyz were challenged to a tag team match which is expected to take place on Monday Night Raw. Amore had better hope he’s healed up and that Big Cass is watching his back or he could suffer the fate of the 3-D.

Who will emerge as the final Money in the Bank Ladder Match participant?

There are six big names already in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but one more spot remains open and up for grabs. It looks as if the final qualifying match will be held on Monday Night Raw to see who joins Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose, and Chris Jericho in the fight for the briefcase.

wwe rumors spoilers john cena return monday night raw money in the bank seth rollins roman reigns
There is really no indication as to who will take the last spot in the ladder match, but it’s already a packed set of competitors. Either way, this match is set to steal the show at the pay-per-view, and it’s going to elevate one superstar into main event status.

Monday Night Raw on Memorial Day is going to be a big one as it signals the announced return of John Cena and the likely return of The Wyatt Family. WWE is slowly, but surely, getting back their main event talents from injury and it’s making the roster a lot stronger. The build-up to Money in the Bank has already been great and there are still a few weeks to go so a lot more should be in place after this week.

[Image via WWE]