WWE Rumors: WWE Posted Another Weird Tweet – Is The Wyatt Family Returning On ‘Raw’?

Ever since Bray Wyatt went out with an injury in early April, the rest of The Wyatt Family has been off of WWE television since they are without their leader. While Wyatt has posted some tweets teasing his return, there has been no real word on when he would be back in the ring. Now, WWE is starting to post a number of random and cryptic tweets about something coming, and it’s certainly looking like Monday Night RAW could bring back the new faces of fear.

UPDATE: Shortly after the writing of this article, WWE posted a third cryptic tweet on Saturday afternoon, and it appears as if whatever they are teasing will be revealed on Monday.

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The idea that The Wyatt Family could come back this Monday is a bit of rumor or speculation at this point, but fans seem to want to believe it’s happening. On Friday, WWE posted yet another weird tweet that had something to do with #Hatch and something being brought out from a door.

While it’s obvious that this is related to the tweet from the day before, there are some differences. The first tweet from WWE showed that very same door from a distance with the sign “KEEP OUT” posted above it. The caption spoke of something being “locked away,” and it was originally thought that WWE may play this out over the next few weeks.

Now, it seems as if WWE is going to reveal what is behind that door a lot sooner than in a few weeks, and it could happen this week.

On this week’s Memorial Day edition of Monday Night RAW, John Cena is already scheduled and penciled in to make his return. That’s bound to make the episode big enough as it is, but if these cryptic tweets continue through the weekend, then that means something else is on the way.

Having The Wyatt Family missing in action for a few weeks has really been noticeable and obvious since they were becoming a big part of storylines right before Bray’s injury. Luke Harper isn’t expected back until closer to the end of the summer as his injury required surgery which means he needs a bit more time.

As for Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan, they’ve been taken off of WWE television since they don’t have Bray Wyatt around to lead them.

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Right before going out with his injury, Bray Wyatt was playing up the crowd a good bit and getting some babyface reactions. Well, Sportskeeda is reporting that plans are going to change once he comes back, as he and his family will be taking on the role of full-on heels.

The babyface reaction came from The Wyatt Family feuding with the League of Nations right after WrestleMania 32. MNR Daily stated that was the obvious attempt of WWE to get them the good crowd reactions as fans couldn’t stand the League of Nations, and now that stable has officially disbanded as well.

A lot of fans think that these tweets from WWE are obviously meant to signal the comeback of The Wyatt Family, but rumors of Finn Balor or another surprise debut have also swirled around. If Bray Wyatt’s Twitter account is any indication of things to come, he’s a firm believer that he’ll be back soon.

This week’s Monday Night RAW may end up being a lot bigger than anyone imagined.

It was revealed that Bray Wyatt was going to be out six to eight weeks when his injury first occurred, and that is right in line with this week’s upcoming Monday Night RAW. The cryptic tweets coming from WWE don’t have a lot said with them, but they do show a door being opened and in rather quick fashion. Maybe they’re leading to the return of The Wyatt Family, or Finn Balor, or any number of things.

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