New Hampshire Man Pleaded Guilty To Kidnapping, Raping, And Torturing 14-Year-Old Girl For Nine Months

A New Hampshire man pleaded guilty Thursday to kidnapping, raping, and torturing a 14-year-old girl for nine months at his home, according to the Daily Mail. On October 9, 2013, 35-year-old Nathaniel Kibby saw a teen girl walking home from school on Conway and pulled over to ask if she needed a ride.

The teen – whose name has not been released – accepted his offer because she stated that she had “worn boots to school that day and her feet were blistered.” When she entered Kibby’s vehicle, he initially told her that he would drop her off at a sandwich shop, close to her home.

But he drove her to a “Home Depot parking lot instead and drew a handgun,” and that’s when she asked him if he was going to kill or rape her. He told the teen that he wanted oral sex and he would only keep her for an hour.

The teen pleaded with him to let her go and assured him that she wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened. Kibby disregarded her plea and drove off, taking back roads to his home in Gorham.

However, during the car ride, he kept shocking her with a Taser to prevent her from exiting the vehicle. When he asked if it hurt, she said yes, but he continued, saying “Well, now you know what it feels like.”

When he reached his home, Kibby first gagged and placed her in a storage container and sexually assaulted her. An hour soon turned into nine months of torture for the New Hampshire teen.

According to the Boston Globe, Kibby later tied her to his bed and placed a shock collar, which is used to prevent dogs from barking, on her so that she wouldn’t make any noises. He also made her wear diapers, taped her eyes shut, and gave the “victim sleeping pills, alcohol, and marijuana.”

But after nine months of raping and torturing the teen, Kibby decided to let her go when he feared that he would be discovered by police. He told the teen that if he let her go, she would have to lie to the police about her whereabouts and what took place. Court documents stated that he made her rehearse a fabricated story before releasing the teen to her family.

However, when the teen was returned to her family on July 20, 2014, she didn’t do as she was told. She told her parents that she was kidnapped, raped, and tortured for nine months at Nathaniel Kibby’s home, which she calls the “house of horrors.”

It was reported that the kidnapped victim’s parents went to the Belknap County police, and Kibby was arrested eight days after releasing his victim.

Kibby made an appearance in Belknap County Courtroom Thursday where he faced the victim and her family.

In a packed courtroom, the teen girl told Kibby that she wants “you to know that I appreciate my freedom because of you and I enjoy my life because of you. I never look at the sunshine the same way. I never think about fresh air the same way. So I also want to thank you for giving me my freedom back.”

“I wish things didn’t have to work in the way they do, but I need to be safe and so does my family.”

The victim’s mother also addressed Kibby in court and wanted an explanation. She said, “I never thought I would see my daughter alive again.” However, “I thank you for not killing my daughter. But I shouldn’t have to.”

Kibby told his victim’s mother that “he would one day explain his actions, but did not want to do so with media present.”

When Nathaniel Kibby pleaded guilty in Belknap County Court to kidnapping, torturing, and raping a 14-year-old girl, he agreed to the plea terms, which states that “he will serve 5-90 consecutive years in a prison” outside of New Hampshire.

[Image via New Hampshire State Police]