‘Game Of Thrones’: Emilia Clarke Watched Her ‘GOT’ Nude Scene With Her Parents

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has received widespread acclaim for her most recent nude appearance in an episode of the hit show. However, when Clark herself came to watch the episode, she did so in an incredibly awkward environment, revealing that she watched the scene with her parents.

According to Digital Spy, Emilia Clarke revealed all about her Game of Thrones nude scene during an appearance on the Graham Norton Show on Friday night. Host Graham Norton was asking Emilia Clarke about her parents’ opinions of the show. Whilst she did confess that her parents weren’t regular viewers of Game of Thrones, she did manage to encourage them to watch one of the most recent episodes, saying “I encouraged them to watch [“Book of the Stranger”] – which in hindsight might have been not the episode to choose.”

Emilia Clarke was quite understandably embarrassed about the whole situation, as she cringed her way through the interview. Excitable Graham Norton couldn’t quite believe the story, saying to Emilia “There was a lot of you in that episode.” However, according to Us Weekly, the story only grew even more embarrassing for Emilia as she revealed that she did, in fact, sit next to her parents as they watched the episode of GOT and that particular nude scene.

Clarke has already revealed that for this particular Game of Thrones scene, she opted to act out the nude segment herself, with no body double. That’s undeniably something that Emilia Clarke’s parents will be aware of, making the situation even more embarrassing for the incredibly successful actress.


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Emilia Clarke's Nude Scene in Game of Thrones
That being said, Emilia Clarke didn’t make her appearance on the Graham Norton Show to talk exclusively about the nude scene that sees her bare all. Clarke actually appeared on the show to promote her latest film, Me Before You, however, quite understandably, all anyone wanted to talk about was Game of Thrones.

Me Before You is an adaptation of the 2012 novel of the same, starring Emilia Clarke and Hunger Games star Sam Claflin in the romantic drama film. The story follows a young working class girl who is hired by a wealthy family to take care of their paralyzed son, in what Emilia Clarke describes to have an incredibly sad ending.

Her appearance on the Graham Norton Show was undeniably an eventful one for Emilia Clarke, also getting the chance to meet Friends star Matt LeBlanc. Clarke appeared absolutely flustered when LeBlanc pulled his well-known phrase on her, asking Clarke “How you doin?” Emilia Clarke couldn’t quite believe she was meeting one of the stars of her favorite TV show, despite the fact that Game of Thrones has made Clarke herself an incredibly big star, which is something Matt LeBlanc was keen to point out.

Emilia Clarke continued to giggle her away through the interview, even embracing in a hug with Matt LeBlanc at one point. LeBlanc was, of course, making an appearance on the show to talk about the upcoming new series of British motoring show Top Gear, of which he is a co-host. At the same time, other guests making an appearance on the show included Kate Beckinsale and Dominic Cooper, with music from Corinne Bailey Rae.

The Graham Norton Show is well known for attracting some incredibly big guests in the U.K. It airs in the U.K. on Friday evenings on BBC One, whilst BBC America shows new episodes three days following the U.K. broadcast in the U.S.

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