Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid Tweets Mike Has Multiple Diseases And His Dad Cheats, Jessica Parido Chimes In

The gloves are off between Shahs of Sunset co-stars Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Jessica Parido. On Sunday, MJ actually tweeted that Mike Shouhed has multiple diseases and that his dad cheats on his mother. MJ’s tweet received a lot of criticism from people, including Mike, who told her that what she wrote was a low blow. One person who was very unhappy about MJ’s tweet was Mike’s ex, Jessica. She lashed out at MJ for writing such a thing about Mike’s parents.

MJ taunted Mike, saying that she has proof of what she tweeted. The next day, Jessica told MJ that she’s “disgusting” and pointed out that as someone who is in her 40s, she should know better than to speak about someone’s parents. Jessica added her opinion that MJ is jealous of what Mike’s parents have.

When someone praised Jessica for sticking up for Mike’s parents, she tweeted that she thought of Mike’s dad as her own father. She added that only someone raised without morals would say such things and that it was low class of MJ to do so.

Jessica even told MJ to put more time and energy into her own relationships because then maybe she wouldn’t be freezing her eggs. MJ pointed out it was shown on Shahs of Sunset that her eggs are just fine.

When MJ accused Jessica of being with Mike for fame and money, tweeting that she met him around Season 2 to 3, Jessica countered that she actually met Mike before Season 1 of Shahs of Sunset aired. MJ defended herself by saying that Mike lies to everyone and that he tried to throw her mother, Vida, down. MJ said that she fought back so that he’ll stop.

Mercedes “MJ” Javid continued, claiming that Mike Shouhed tried to hurt her mom. In response to someone who told MJ that it was wrong for her to speak about Mike’s parents that way since they didn’t sign up for the reality show, MJ repeated that Mike tried to “take [her] mom down.” She explained that since he went for her mom, he left her no choice but to go after him.

To another person who said that family should be off-limits, MJ agreed. She explained that’s why she tweeted what she did because he “went in” for her mom first. MJ declared that she won’t be Mike’s victim or scapegoat.

What exactly caused MJ to be so fired up? Did Mike actually try to physically harm Vida, or was it meant figuratively? When someone asked MJ what Mike said about her mom, another viewer said that Mike posted several “obnoxious tweets” about Vida and then deleted them. MJ said that it should come as no surprise that she fights fire with fire. She admitted that she hit below the belt when Mike went for her mother.

On Wednesday, MJ tweeted that she’s finally standing up to people. She added that it doesn’t matter if she needs to take the heat for the fact that she won’t lie down and be disrespected.

At least Mike has Jessica Parido on his side when it comes to MJ. When someone told Mike how sweet it is of Jessica to defend his parents even after he broke her heart, Mike agreed that Jessica is amazing and that she genuinely loved his family, as they did her.

Mike also responded to MJ’s tweet that he’s “literally a couple years younger but thousands poorer.” When someone told MJ that money doesn’t make her better than him, Mike made it clear that he doesn’t think MJ has any.

Besides defending Mike Shouhed’s parents after Mercedes “MJ” Javid’s inflammatory tweet, Jessica Parido also defended herself against the accusation that she cheated on Mike. During his recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live, Mike and MJ’s Shahs of Sunset co-star Reza Farahan said that he thinks Jessica is more at fault for the demise of her marriage to Mike.

When Andy asked why, Reza said that Jessica was “allegedly sort of” in a relationship during the marriage. Reza added that when Mike was trying to win Jessica back, she was out getting expensive presents from her other man and that she tried to get back with Mike when her relationship with the other man didn’t work out. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessica denied Reza’s claims and called him a “s**t starting a**hole.”

On Thursday, Jessica Parido again defended herself. She said that she was 1,000 percent faithful to Mike Shouhed.

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