Prince Harry’s Secret Facebook Page Deleted After Naked Pics Scandal… Allegedly

Prince Harry’s supposed secret Facebook page went kaput this week, after increasing scrutiny was heaped on the young royal by international media for his naked Vegas romping.

Poor Prince Harry can’t even get his Vegas suite party on without the prying eyes of the press making cheddar off the now-widely-distributed shots of him playing strip pool in a penthouse of a Sin City hotel, and now his Facebook fun is said to have been put to a stop after the scandal broke.

According to several press outlets, “Spike Wells” was the Facebook pseudonym Harry used to honestly chit-chat with real-life friends using the social network, as the young royal can’t really just sign up under his real name and then post his goings-on, for security as well as PR reasons.

British press have drawn many parallels indicating the Spike Wells Facebook account was that of Harry, first and foremost being that “Spike” is the nickname of Diana’s youngest son and supposedly, even his bodyguard calls him that.

Reports indicate that ginger-based humor abounded on the account’s profile, as well as a few key attributes they believe match up with things Harry has done or does. The Guardian, a UK paper, explains:

“Spike’s birthplace was listed as Maun, Botswana – where he and his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy once holidayed … Spike is a Facebook fan of Walking with the Wounded, a charity heavily supported by Harry … One of Spike’s profile pictures showed a redhaired youngster, accompanied by the caption: ‘Oh my god. I’m ginger!’ Prince Harry’s hair is strawberry-blond.”

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According to the paper, the profile also boasted several real-life friends of Harry’s, accounts that also feature pics of a young man who bears a striking resemblance to the Prince — hopefully all his pals had the presence of mind not to tag their buddy and confirm the speculation.