Missing Girl From Vallejo Last Seen Being Bleeding And Dragged By Armed Man Before Gunshots Fired

A Sheriff’s deputy has announced that the Solano County Sheriff’s Office is currently on the hunt for a missing 15-year-old girl from Vallejo and they also have reason to believe that she may have been shot by her abductor on a freeway overpass Wednesday morning.

The events unfolded at approximately 7 a.m. on Wednesday when numerous calls were made to the Solano County Sheriff’s Office with the same report that they had heard shots fired near to the Interstate Highway 780 pedestrian over-crossing which leads to Taylor Avenue in Vallejo from Home Acres. Deputy Christine Castillo said that the report from a witness was that a Hispanic man was seen dragging along a white female girl on the pedestrian over-crossing above the highway, she was screaming for help and also seemed to be bleeding from her face. The man reportedly had a gun in his hand.

The witness said that as she began to run to get help, a shot rang out. The San JoseMercury News reported that the deputies who responded to that call for help did not locate anyone in the area once they arrived. However, they did find what appeared to be some blood pooled on the ground. They also found a cellphone belonging to the missing girl from Vallejo.

The sheriff’s office has since, with the help of her family members, identified the missing girl who was seen bleeding, as 15-year-old Pearl Pinson from Vallejo. Pinson never arrived at her high school yesterday morning. The teenage Vallejo girl was last seen wearing a gray sweater with black leggings and she also had a black and turquoise backpack. Castillo says that she currently has her dyed green.

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The man who was seen with the missing girl has also been identified by the Sheriff’s office. Wanted in connection to the missing girl is 19-year-old Fernando Castro, who is also a Vallejo resident. The young man reportedly had on a black hooded sweatshirt along with possible reading glasses when he was last seen, no further description of his clothing has been made available at this time.

The Sheriff’s Office did not provide any details on whether or not the suspect and the missing girl knew each other, nor even how they came to identify Castro as the man who took Pinson.

According to media reports the deputies from the Solano County Sheriff’s Office have not been able to determine if Pinson was actually shot nor the extent of the injuries the witness initially saw on the missing girl. Unfortunately, they are also not able to immediately say whether or not Pinson and Castro left the 780 Vallejo area together and no vehicle has been identified as a possible means of fleeing the highway.

However, one teenager — Leslie Caro — who was interviewed by Kron 4 News says she lives close to the highway over-crossing and her family also called in to report gunshots that morning. The girl recalls hearing about two gunshots following Pearl Pinson’s “panicking” screams of Wednesday morning and that the last gunshot was followed by the sound of squealing tires as a car drove off really fast.

The Solano County Sheriff’s Office is urging anyone with possible information on the missing Vallejo girl to contact them as soon as possible. They are being asked to specifically call a Detective Mattson at 707-784-7061. Information can also be provided anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 707-644-STOP (7867).

The investigation into locating the missing teenager is ongoing and updates will be provided.

[Photo Courtesy of Solano County Sheriff s Office]