Bethenny Frankel Criticized Over ‘Judgmental Behavior’ On ‘RHONY’

Bethenny Frankel is known for being outspoken, crude, and sometimes being too open and honest about her personal business. For a while, Frankel has been labeled as the “Queen of Too Much Information (TMI),” and now that she’s back on The Real Housewives of New York, she isn’t holding back. On last week’s episode, Frankel addressed Sonja Morgan and her newest business, Tipsy Girl.

Bethenny felt that she was being ripped off and copied by Sonja and her new business partners, and she coldly told her, “I want nothing to do with you.”

According to a new set of tweets, Bethenny Frankel is now facing some new criticism over last night’s episode. The ladies went to the Berkshires to visit Dorinda Medley’s vacation home and things quickly spiralled out of control, as fans will see next week when the episode continues. But just before the episode ended, Bethenny mocked Luann de Lesseps and her decision to tell everyone that she thought of the Skinnygirl Cocktail business with Frankel even though the conversation was caught on the show years ago.


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“The first time I ever used the word Skinnygirl Brand ‘on tv’ I was having dinner w Luann de Lesseps bc I was explaining what I ordered,” Bethenny Frankel revealed on Twitter during last night’s episode, sharing that Luann didn’t think of the business at all.

But things didn’t stop there. Fans of the show decided to let Frankel know how they felt, and in the preview for next week’s episode, it sounds like things are heating up even more.

“Bethenny..stop judging people and just try to mind your own business. Possible?? Are you aware??” one person wrote to Frankel, who replied with, “Yeah you would be a really boring tv producer #ChannelChange.”

Bethenny later added, “I have dated married men – just married like I’m married now,” in an effort to address any rumors that may surface in anticipation for next week’s episode.

Apparently, many viewers of The Real Housewives of New York felt that Bethenny Frankel was being too judgmental. Many viewers tend to share their opinions on social media, and sometimes, these reality stars will block viewers because they don’t want to read negative comments from fans of the show. And one personal speculated that Frankel would probably just block viewers for stating their opinions. But it sounds like Bethenny Frankel understands that people have opinions, and she’s open to constructive criticism.

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“She will probably block us for stating our opinion lol I’m so upset about the possibility NOT!! Like I give a flying f!” one person wrote, tagging Frankel in the tweet, who replied with, “I only block totally nasty or a character assassination but never constructive criticism. It’s how we grow.”

Of course, Frankel is upset with Sonja Morgan for trying to get some press by naming her business something similar to hers. She isn’t scared that Morgan will reach her levels of success, but she does feel that Morgan’s business was a low blow to both her business and their friendship. Bethenny opened up about her disappointment during last week’s blog.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave. It was crazy to watch the evolution of my hustle from a CT supermarket to Union Square. The stakes are way higher, but the hustle is the same. Business is tough. I love what I do, and I am 100% invested, and it is my mission to help and inspire female entrepreneurs. This entails being honest about what it takes. Even now I struggle to make things work, and I have drive and determination, and I’m completely committed,” Bethenny Frankel revealed in her blog last week, according to Bravo.

Do you think Bethenny Frankel is judgmental and rude, or do you think her comments about Luann de Lesseps were justified?

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