'The Division' Updates With Patch 1.2, Check Out The Clear Sky Incursion, More Gear Sets, And New Open World Content

Agents have new targets to eliminate, new gear to find, and new challenges to overcome in the Dark Zone today. Tom Clancy's The Division updated with patch 1.2, entitled Conflict, adding a new Incursion, more gear sets, new missions, and new Dark Zone features. Patch 1.2 has a little something for every agent in The Division with new aspects introduced to both the player versus environment and the player versus player sides of the game.

For agents looking to experience PvE content in The Division, patch 1.2 is ready to deliver. In addition to another Incursion, the new Search and Destroy missions give players a reason to traverse the open world. These missions drop valuable Target Intel that players can use to center in on High-Value Targets. Taking out specific High-Value Targets for daily and weekly objectives rewards players with high-end gear according to the Ubisoft website.


The new Incursion, called Clear Sky, takes place in Columbus Circle. A team of four agents will need to work together to eliminate Rikers that have control of an anti-aircraft device. Like Falcon Lost, players will need to work together to complete the new Incursion. If successful, Hard Mode completions of both Incursions now reward players with a 204 high-end weapon, a 214 gear set item, and more. The weekly reward offers agents another 204 high-end weapons and another 214 gear set piece as well.

On the PvP side of things, players in The Division should also be pleased. A new Dark Zone bracket for players with a Gear Score higher than 200 is now available. Additionally, two new features are now live in the Dark Zone. Sealed Caches can now be found in the Dark Zone with a variety of items inside. Like other loot found in the Dark Zone, players will need to extract a Sealed Cache in order to find out what it contains. Sealed Caches can be found in differing qualities including, specialized, superior, high-end, and gear set.

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Weather will be a factor in the new Clear Sky Incursion [Image via Ubisoft]Extraction is a little more complicated now, too. With patch 1.2, players can now cut the helicopter rope canceling the loot extraction. Players that cut an extraction rope will instantly go Rogue and the items on the rope will fall to ground for anyone to loot. The Dark Zone now also includes player stashes located in each Dark Zone checkpoint making loot earned from the zone much more manageable.

Both PvE and PvP players can benefit from the gear sets introduced in patch 1.2. The new sets include Final Measure, Hunter's Faith, Lone Star, and Predator's Mark. Learn more about these potential drops via the official patch notes. One lets players defuse enemy grenades while replenishing their own supply while a different set lets agents refill their ammo by simply holstering a weapon.

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The in-game overview of patch 1.2 [Image via Ubisoft]The Conflict update is the last of the free scheduled content outlined in Ubisoft's one year plan for The Division. Three expansions are planned through the end of the year; however, each expansion will be paid content. Underground, Survival, and Last Stand are expected to release in the coming months with the first expected to release in June. Survival is slated for the summer while Last Stand is likely to release in the winter. Players can pick up a season pass to gain access to all three expansions. For more information on the upcoming paid DLC, visit the official game website.

The Division will continue patching as the year goes on with regular maintenance. In addition to the two free content updates, several patches to fix the game's issues have also been deployed. Massive, the game's developer, is even trying to combat ongoing cheating in The Division with suspensions for offenders, new cheat detections programs, and more. As the Inquisitr reported, even players who abuse in-game exploits could receive sanctions for their actions.

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[Image via Ubisoft]