Rod Stewart Still Sneaks Models Into His Hotel Room On Tour — But It’s Not What You Think

Rod Stewart managed to sell out his August 26 show tickets at a price of $200 within just a few minutes, according to Lehigh Valley Live. And while many are wondering how the 71-year-old singer managed to pull it off, it turns out there is a reasonable explanation for that.

Event center Marketing Director Paul Shaw revealed that Rod Stewart sold out his $200 and $150 tickets for his Sands Bethlehem Event Center August 26 show within just a few minutes after they went on sale.

In fact, Shaw added that there were over 100 people in the queue for the South Bethlehem venue, as tickets for Rod Stewart’s upcoming show went on sale at 10 a.m. Shaw explained that the fact that the singer managed to sell his $200 tickets for the show can be explained by his fans’ desire to see Stewart “in such an intimate setting.”

Shaw revealed that it will be “attractive” to a lot of his fans to witness Rod Stewart perform in front of a crowd of only 1,600 people instead of his usual 20,000 or more crowds.

Shaw also said that it’s a “really, really good year” for the Lehigh Valley, teasing that Rod Stewart’s upcoming performance at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center is not the only exciting show that’s coming to the Bethlehem venue.

If you think that a 71-year-old man cannot sneak models into his hotel room, you’re wrong! But not those sexy fashion models with long legs, but models of trains. Rod Stewart has revealed that he cannot give up his boyhood hobby, so he brings his large train sets to hotels with him, according to the Australian.

In fact, Rod Stewart has to book a separate room every time he goes on tour so that he has enough space to build railways of miniature trains. The Australian reported that, in his interview with BBC Radio, the 71-year-old singer complained that people laugh when they hear about his hobby, but he’s brave enough to admit his passion for playing with trains.

But playing with miniature locomotives at a hotel room is far better than snorting cocaine with groupies, let’s admit it! And so Rod Stewart always brings cases full of train model kit on his tours along with him in order to set up railways and play with trains.

“When I am on the road in hotel rooms, like the Ritz-Carlton in New York, they clear out a room for me. All my cases come in and they set up tables and lamps and fans to get rid of the fumes and it becomes my workshop.”

Rod Stewart said that he ships all the cases full of model kits with the help of jets from one hotel to another when he’s touring. Stewart revealed that his passion for playing with trains developed when he was a little boy.

In his childhood, Rod Stewart was living in an apartment above a shop on Archway Road in Highgate, and he watched trains from his window.

“It used to overlook the marshaling yards and the Tube lines so every time I would get up in the morning I would see the trains.”

Rod Stewart also added that “as dads do,” his dad brought him his first train set and it has remained by his side “for ever and ever.” He also said that he doesn’t care that people are laughing at his hobby.

In fact, not only toy trains are his passion, as revealed by Rod Stewart himself, but the singer also revealed his plans to buy a real train, adding that he would “love” to be an owner of a steam engine to “just sit” in it.

[Photo by AP Photo/Martin Meissner]

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