Bernie Sanders Supporters Get Schooled By Democratic Party: What Lessons Are Young Democrats Learning About Democracy?

Bernie Sanders has brought millions of young Democrats into the party. The Democratic Party establishment is very effectively sending them back out. Their computers are deleting them from the party or assigning them to other parties along with a lot of other long-time voters who dare to vote for Sanders rather than Hillary Clinton. This election is the first election for many young Bernie supporters, and frankly, it may be their last. Why bother? Why try?

The 2016 Democratic primaries have been typified by suspected election fraud and voter suppression. Experts like Richard Charnin are speaking up as election fraud and suspected voter machine tampering are causing huge discrepancies between exit polls and vote counts. Hundreds of thousands of individuals are speaking up about being denied the right to vote in this primary. Suspiciously, nearly all of them were Bernie Sanders supporters. U.S. Presidential Election News verified that voter suppression is charged in nearly every state. The Democrat Party has made no effort to correct the situation or to speak about it.

The election fraud and voter suppression in the 2016 Democratic primaries are of unknown origin. It is doubtful that this is coming from Hillary Clinton since she is just the candidate. Candidates are rarely involved in this sort of voter fraud and election tampering. Virtually anyone can hire a team to fix an election. No one knows where it is coming from, but the Democrat Party should step up, acknowledge the problem, and find a solution. It is their primary.

Sixty-four Bernie Sanders delegates were thrown out of the Nevada Democratic convention after being declared not Democrats. It was claimed there was no record of them or that they were registered with other party affiliations. It is one thing to claim there was a computer glitch, but for supposedly rational human beings to enforce that glitch implies complicity. If that were not enough, the verbal “yea” or “nay” votes of the remaining Bernie Sanders supporters were ignored as if they had not spoken. See the video below.

The 2016 Democratic primaries have taught young Democrat voters one lesson, be it true or false: Democracy is failing if not dead. What else could they conclude after this fiasco? Young American voices do not matter, and their votes don’t count. Their party refuses to acknowledge them. Young people can’t find jobs, they can’t afford health care, and they might be hungry, but Democrats don’t care. Young Bernie voters were told to go home and let other party members select a candidate they believe will only perpetuate their misery.

Barbara Boxer with Hillary Clinton [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]
Barbara Boxer with Hillary Clinton [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Bernie Sanders supporters, most of whom are so young they probably believed in Santa Claus a decade ago, are learning that even less real than Santa is the myth of democracy. These kids have known nothing other than this stifling recession that has reduced college graduates to burger flippers and potential workers to perpetual children living in mom’s basement. Both political parties have had a hand in ruining their futures. Now they are being deprived of their vote.

Bernie Sanders [Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images]
Bernie Sanders [Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images]

The 2016 Democratic primaries have been a vast disappointment for desperate people of all ages. The recession has not let up, and mainstream candidate Hillary Clinton refuses to sufficiently address the nation’s serious economic woes. Homelessness, poverty, underemployment, and joblessness are at unbearable levels in many parts of the country, yet mainstream Democrats refuse to acknowledge the widespread poverty. It is maddening, and that is why the people want an outsider.

Bernie Sanders supporters, over 100,000 of them, still idealistic enough to think someone would care, decided to petition President Obama about the injustice. The president replied in a way that passed the buck while refusing to comment, as quoted by 12 News. Isn’t that ironic? He issued a statement of refusal to comment.

“Thank you for your petitions concerning Arizona’s March 22, 2016, Primary Election. The decision whether to investigate a potential violation of federal law, including those related to elections, rests with the department of Justice. The White House plays no role in this decision. The decision on whether to a revote should take place is a matter of state law or a matter for the courts. We are therefore declining to comment on the specific request in your petition. As the We the People Terms of Participation explain to avoid the appearance of improper influence, the White House may decline to address certain procurement, law enforcement, adjudicatory or similar matters. Properly within the jurisdiction of federal departments or agencies federal courts or state and local government.”

Young Bernie Sanders supporters are not the only ones who are angry and disappointed in the state of democracy in 2016. Trump supporters are notoriously angry. The people are demanding action. They are demanding an outsider address their needs because the current situation is not satisfactory.

Bernie Sanders supporters have been treated horribly during Democratic primaries of 2016, and the lesson they have learned is a disappointing one.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]