WWE News: Cody Rhodes Reveals Private Backstage Infomation In Release Statement - WWE Officials Very Angry

Danny Cox

Cody Rhodes' time with WWE has come to an end, and it is now appearing as if the two sides did not part on the greatest of terms. Rhodes, who has been under the Stardust gimmick for a couple of years now, asked for his release and was granted it. On his way out, he decided to post one statement regarding his leaving WWE, and it included a lot of private backstage information and has since made a lot of high-ranking officials quite angry.

Upon being granted his release, Cody Rhodes put a very lengthy statement on Twitter for everyone to read. He said it would be the only thing he said about his release and that there would be no interviews or podcasts or anything like that.

In that statement, he not only released a bit of private backstage information, but he took some jabs at WWE as well.

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— Hyrule Husky (@PrinceCGR) May 22, 2016

According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, this release statement from Rhodes is being met with a lot of backstage heat in WWE. Officials are mostly concerned with Rhodes talking about a WWE writer hitting on the female talents in developmental/NXT.

Cody Rhodes said that he had begged and pleaded with the "head writers" of both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown to let him drop the Stardust gimmick. It's not just that they wouldn't let him drop it, but Rhodes said that they kept on ignoring his requests for the gimmick change.

Rhodes continued and said that many times he was ignored because one of the head writers was "too busy hitting on developmental divas." That has led many to wonder which writers he was talking about in his statement, and there are only a couple of options as to who it could be.

Ed Koskey is the lead writer of Raw, and it's believed that he's the person Rhodes was insinuating was "pretending to be Brian Gerwitz." Over on SmackDown, the lead writer is Ryan Ward, and he used to be the writer for NXT, and it's thought that he is the one that Rhodes is speaking of with hitting on female talents.

Cody Rhodes/Stardust hasn't been seen much on WWE television in the past couple of weeks, and it seems the company had nothing for him to do. He was posting cryptic tweets and teasing that he would return to being himself and dropping the Stardust persona.

— Hyrule Husky (@PrinceCGR) May 16, 2016

The begging and hoping to drop Stardust and make that gimmick disappear didn't end up working, and it has led to Cody Rhodes parting ways with the company. While he did get some parting shots at WWE on the way out the door, the promotion is kind of doing the same thing to him.

WrestleZone is reporting that even though he was released by WWE, Rhodes is still being forced to play out the rest of his contract. He won't be wrestling in WWE, but it also means he won't be able to wrestle anywhere else either.

That seriously limits his options now that he's gone from WWE, and it means he can't even begin to sign with another promotion or even wrestle on the independent circuit.

It's not like they can do anything more to Cody Rhodes for saying what he wants to say. WWE has no disciplinary control over him any longer, but it is interesting that he spilled so much backstage info on his way out. That's especially true about whichever writers he was talking about. He tried to get Stardust to go away, and now he has, but it ended up taking the end of his career with the company to make it happen.

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