'Clash Of Clans' Update: Baby Dragons, Miners Lead New May 24 Game Upgrades

Clash of Clans update time arrived again on May 24. Baby Dragons and Miners come with this Clash of Clans upgrade, but it is also the first time that Supercell will roll out the Friendly Challenges. A report on the main Clash of Clans blog reveals specific details about how the Friendly Challenge will work. It also came with an announcement that maintenance had been completed on the game and that the new update was ready for users to download.

An extended maintenance break took place overnight, with the people at Clash of Clans making sure that everything would run smoothly with all the upgrades in place. The showcase of this Clash of Clans update is the introduction of the Friendly Challenge. This allows clanmates to attack one another as a way to practice or improve their respective village. It's also a fun new way to hold competitions among friends of the game, all with the safety of not losing troops, gold, elixir, or trophies. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it can be used in several fashions.

The Friendly Challenge isn't the only big component of this Clash of Clans update, though, as several new game characters and upgrades have been made available to users. Baby Dragons are now available to users with level 11 Barracks. Miners are now available to users with level 12 Barracks. This means that the Barracks can now be improved two additional levels, allowing for more troop varieties when clashing in normal gameplay or through wars.

It takes eight days to improve the Barracks to level 11 and activate Baby Dragons. It costs $3 million in elixir to get to that point, with the Baby Dragons taking up 10 slots in the housing space. Each Baby Dragon will cost 15,000 in elixir to complete training, and they come with 1,200 hit points. Baby Dragons can also be used in conjunction with the normal Dragons.

For the Miners, it will take a bit longer to improve Barracks to level 12. The Miners have some interesting attributes, including the ability to burrow under walls on an attack. Miners take up five housing slots and take five minutes of training time. Each Miner costs 4,200 in elixir and can cause damage once emerging on the other side of a wall.Some new spells have also come out with this latest Clash of Clans update: Clone and Skeleton. A report on the new Skeleton Spell notes that it is available for users with a Town Hall 9 and above as well as a Dark Spell Factory at level 4. The Skeleton Spell allows a user to summon a Skeleton army anywhere on the battlefield. For the Clone Spell, which is available through the level 5 Spell Factory, users can clone any troop that passes through the spell. It's a new way to improve an army while it's on the battlefield.

Adding troops like the Baby Dragons and Miners will certainly give a new wrinkle to upper-level attacks. Miners might be able to replace Bombers in some attack strategies. Having the Clone Spell and Skeleton Spell available to most Town Hall levels will also make it something that will show up in many war attacks. Though the maintenance time was a bit longer than usual, the end result was a Clash of Clans update that users are likely to enjoy for a while.

[Image via Clash of Clans Press Release]