EgyptAir: Conflicting Reports Arise About Forensic Officials Indicating That State of Human Remains Among Debris Suggest Explosion Took Down Flight

The mystery surrounding the downed EgyptAir Flight 804 continues to reveal itself piece by piece as forensic officials from Egypt now state that the human remains recovered from the crash site suggests that an explosion was the reason the plane plunged into the Mediterranean Sea.

The announcement regarding the human remains from EgyptAir indicating an explosion were made by Egyptian forensic officials on Tuesday morning, even as other reports have stated that a explosion has not been ruled as the reason. However, the forensic officials are confident in their determination, saying that the small size of the body parts that were able to be retrieved definitely suggests an explosion.

EgyptAir Flight 804 is said to have been transporting a total of 66 passengers and crew members from Paris to Cairo early Thursday when it was brought down. The investigators working the crash site hardly found the remains of those persons on board, no body was recovered. Instead, senior forensic officials have about 80 small pieces of human remains, found floating at the scene of the crash, to work with, and the state of them suggests that it was a blast which tore apart the flight.

The New York Daily News has in their report a statement from one of the forensic officials, who spoke anonymously. The Egyptian forensic has been sorting through the remains at the morgue, using the DNA samples provided by relatives of those on the flight in order to identify the victims.

"There isn't even a whole body part, like an arm [or] a head … the logical explanation is that it was an explosion."
The Airbus A320 was brought down as it entered Egyptian airspace, and thus far, none of the remains found have been larger than a hand.

Prior to the remains of EgyptAir Flight 804 being recovered, officials in Egypt were already expressing the belief that it was an explosion that caused the plane to crash and it was more likely that terrorists were at fault than that the flight had any malfunctions. The officials in Greek also analyzed the flight pattern of Airbus A320 and stated that the way the plane bizarrely started twisting and turning before vanishing from radar and plummeting into the Mediterranean suggested that a bomb blast or a struggle in the cockpit occurred. There was also reports that smoke was detected in the restroom onboard by a sensor, and two cockpit windows recorded a fault before the plane began losing altitude at 38,000 feet.

The last contact the airliner had was with Greek air traffic controllers, and they said the EgyptAir pilots did not indicate that they were having any problems.

Despite all the reports about confirmation being given that it was an explosion there are also contradictory reports that the forensic officials deny having said that at all. Hesham Abdelhamid, the head of Egypt's Forensic Authority, has come forth and definitively stated that there is no truth behind statements that they have made any such announcement.

Abdelhamid stated that the investigators do not have an official position to give regarding the reason the EgyptAir flight crashed. He maintains that all reports which support that it was explosion are "mere assumptions."

"Everything published about this matter is completely false, and mere assumptions that did not come from the Forensics Authority."
Another fact which competes with the theory of the explosion is that the way the bodies are broken has also been said to be similar to what happens upon impact with water. Of course, as Reuters shows, it is understandable that Egyptian officials would be hesitant to announce that it was a bomb which crashed EgyptAir Flight 804.
If it is indeed the case that a bomb is to blame, it would be a great mark against the battle Egypt has been waging against militants, including factions that have been linked to the Islamic State. Considering that tourism, which is a critical source of revenue for Egypt's economy, is already struggling, the explosion theory would only add to the problems which the country faces.

One of the main reasons that so much mystery remains surrounding the crash of EgyptAir Flight 804 is all the contradictory news that has surfaced regarding the state of the plane and the persons who were onboard. Yesterday head of Egypt's National Air Navigation Services Company spoke out against the Greeks statement that the plan had any strange flight patterns or lost altitude before it disappeared.

As of this report there has been nothing said about why such differing accounts exist.

[Photo by AP Images]